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Chris Robinson
May 1, 2021

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The trampoline has to be the oldest and simplest recreational tool in existence today. The trampoline which is now seen most times as a tool of games for children surprisingly has a rich history surrounding it, extending as far as the Olympics, and has diversified its use to other fields of life. Including the military where it was used as a training device to reorientate pilots to their surroundings after difficult air maneuvers. So you see the trampoline hasn’t always been a recreational tool, it was used as a training tool for astronauts and tumblers to hone acrobatic skills for sports such as diving, freestyle skiing, and gymnastics. But people enjoyed the sensation so much it evolved into a tool for sheer fun.

In simple terms, a trampoline can be described as a device with a resilient sheath of taut fabric, supported by springs which are responsible for the extreme bouncy quality and stretched between a metal frame. Although this definition has definitely gone through various modifications to produce various models of modern trampolines available, this remains the basic concept of which every trampoline comes.

Now, one might ask, “why get a trampoline”? Research has proven that the use of trampolines has far exceeded it original or intended use. Trampoline exercises have proven to be a convenient and extremely enjoyable way to improve endurance, boost cardiovascular health or relieve stress or tension. They also help one develop better motor skills, improve coordination and balance. And of course, for the most basic and popular reason, they are just fun. So whether as an adult or for a child, a trampoline is always a good idea to have around.

12ft Trampoline Review

When deciding to get a trampoline, there are a lot of factors to consider, ranging from it’s purpose, the size you have in mind, the safety of the individual using the device, weather conditions and of course durability, there are hundreds of models to choose from which would suit your needs just perfectly. Here are short reviews on the best trampolines available suitable for diverse conditions and specifications.

With the aid of modern technology, the zero gravity ultra provided trampolines at affordable costs without compromising on quality. With over 30 years of experience in the market of trampoline production, the brand is known to offer premium and latest technology for great value. To ensure durability, it has paddings 2cm thick made from PVC materials in contrast to PE materials to prevent wear or rot under UV rays.

An important factor to consider when getting a trampoline would be the “tuning”. The number of springs in a trampoline is dependent on the weight limit. A higher weight limit would require a higher number of springs. A trampoline meant for a child with a large number of springs would be “over-sprung” and the bouncy quality significantly reduced. But to ensure perfect bounciness, each Zero Gravity ultra trampoline has been perfectly tuned to specifically serve the purpose and the weight for each of its users performing various activities.

Its frame is made from weldless steel with is able to last for up to 2.5 million cycles, more than twice the average trampoline. The zero gravity ultra comes with an extra feature of- internal enclosure, specifically designed for the protection of your child. It also comes with a special quick-release enclosure feature that allows the lowering of the trampoline netting efficiently without the use of tools.

Key Features:

  • Quick release enclosure system
  • PVC padding
  • Weldless steel


  • Maximum single weight: 100kg
  • Diameter: 12ft
  • Manufacturer: zero gravity trampoline
  • Material type: steel
  • Colour: blue and yellow


  • Posses a large number of legs for advanced stability
  • Optimum spring tuning
  • Quick release enclosure feature


  • Might not be optimum for purposes requiring higher weight limit
  • High price range

Comes with UV-protected polypropylene (PP) for durability and superior weight capacity. When looking for a weight diversified trampoline that can carry people of various ages and sizes, then this seems to be a perfect recommendation. The 12 feet trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 450lbs which means it can comfortably accommodate adults as well.

Its frame material is made from alloy steel and a heavy-duty galvanized steel ladder. It comes with adequate cushioning for a smoother and quieter bounce back.

Key Features:

  • U-shaped legs/stands and ladder for adequate stability
  • Lock and zipper on net for adequate safety
  • Heavy duty galvanized frames
  • Big and thick springs


  • Frame material: Alloy steel
  • Manufacturer: XN
  • Weight capacity: 440 pounds
  • Colour: blue


  • High density thick springs for durability
  • Posses both lock and zipper on net
  • High weight capacity


  • Slightly heavier than the usual trampolines as a result of the heavy duty frames
  • Limited colour range

The Czon Sports trampoline is a brand that offers high-security trampolines at relatively low prices. It comes with a galvanized steel frame to prevent rusting, an extremely resistant jumping mat made from permatron reinforced by a webbing of eight sewing lines.

The springs are specially crafted in a conical shape and also made of galvanized steel to ensure durability and a better bounce while making it resistant to rust. Its enclosure is tightly fitted to the padding and jumping mat and held by elastic bands to ensure the safety of its users.

Key Features:

  • Unique tightly meshed net held firmly in place to the steel frame by easily removable elastic caps
  • Both zips and clips present in net enclosure.
  • Quick and easy assembly system further aided by posts attached in the instructions
  • The Czon Sport 12 feet trampoline comes with a maximum single user weight of a 100kg.


  • Frame: 2.9ft
  • Manufacturer: Czon Sport
  • Colour: Green
  • Materials: Polyester; Polypropylene


  • Affordable and durable
  • Conical shaped spring
  • Anti_rust


  • Limited colour options
  • Low weight capacity

The Metis Garden Trampoline comes with a frame height of 3ft and an enclosure net height of 6ft to ensure adequate safety. This trampoline is specially created for the pleasure of the entire family and highly suitable for adults. Its maximum weight of 220lbs ensures the users of its durability and reliability to bounce away Irrespective of age.

Its weight limit also makes it suitable for group recreational activities. Its frame is also made of galvanized alloy steel and a UV-resistant PP trampoline mat resistant to wear and tear for varying weather conditions. The enclosure net pole is padded by a 48mm OD PE foam, and a 12mm mat padding for extra protection against unforeseen accidents or injuries.

Key Features:

  • An extremely durable high tension bounce pad
  • Made from high quality materials ranging from the galvanized steel to the UV resistant mat meshing.
  • A special ladder for easy and convenient access.
  • The Metis Garden Trampoline comes in an extremely classy color- voyager alongside a modern and highly efficient design.


  • Manufacturer: Net world sports
  • Colour: Voyager
  • Material: Alloy steel


  • Insulated ladder present
  • High tension bounce pad present
  • Padded enclosure pole


  • Limited colour options
  • High price range

The moxie trampoline is a TUV certified backyard trampoline for kids. It is specially enclosed and insulated with a safety pad. Its state of the art and highly durable, unique 8- row stitched premium  polypropylene mesh jumping mat can accommodate a maximum weight as high as 385 lbs

Its pumpkin shape was specifically modified to ensure a closure system with TUV standard solid steel frame to guarantee the safety of both its adults and younger users. The unique steel frame is coated with heavy gouged powder to prevent breaking and bending over time. With all its unique features, it comes with an easy assembly system that guarantees to get it comfortably set up in just an hour.

Key Features:

  • UV and water resistant
  • TUV standardized
  • Built with galvanized springs thereby providing tremendous jumping momentum over a considerably long period.
  • It's jumping mat is made from high density, heavy duty 8-stitched resistance loops.


  • Colour: Blue
  • Maximum weight: : 385pounds
  • Manufacturer: Upper Bounce


  • State of the art unique features like the tool box and fibreglass top ring
  • Multipurpose, i.e suitable for both fun and games
  • Premium terylene net mesh


  • High price range
  • Ladder not available

Upper Bounce is a brand known to provide the highest caliber of trampoline services to its users. Ranging from its competitive pricing, unique attention to detail, timely and accurate shipping overall leaving its users extremely satisfied. They also provide high-quality replacement parts for their trampolines further relieving the stress of searching for its consumers.

With high-quality materials ranging from the jumping mat, safety enclosure net, foam sleeves, this specific model was specifically designed with the safety of its users as a top priority.

To further ensure stability, the Upper Bounce Premium Trampoline comes with unique U-shaped legs and powder coated galvanized framework. The enclosure pole can easily be attached with a simple but highly efficient and durable welded and lock joint for easy attachment, while further aiding easy assemble and dis-assemble.

Its high-quality safety pads that protect its users from the springs and steel frame boast a 310g PE at the bottom, 450g PVC at the top, and a 1inch foam thickness EPE, all creating a high-density premium shock-absorbent quality for each bounce. Its form is highly insulated to prevent the infestation from mildew, water absorption, and loss of shape.

Key Features:

  • Easy assemble system i.e comes with a pre-included manual, spring tool and screw driver.
  • Galvanized rust and crack resistant springs
  • A c-hook attachment system for the poles to promote easy setup and
  • Special v-ring clip to create a no-gap enclosure system to eliminate unsafe gaps between enclosure net and jumping surfaces.


  • Maximum weight: 330 pounds
  • Manufacturer: LIWIBO
  • Material: Aluminum alloy


  • High weight limit
  • Poles insulated with foam to ensure safety
  • Special winter protection sheath


  • High price range
  • Limited colour range

The 12ft trampoline for kids is a safe and efficient outdoor water-resistant garden trampoline. Its jumping mat is made from UV-protected polypropylene to promote longevity and superior weight and superior weight capacity.

The trampoline has a maximum weight of 450lbs, thereby making it easier to accommodate users of varying sizes. It generally requires just two adults for a quick and efficient assembly. This model was developed for multipurpose activities therefore suitable for the pleasure of both adults and kids. Posses perfectly tuned springs for optimum tension and a quiet and highly insulated bounce

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty galvanized and water insulated and protected steel ladder, possessing a U-shaped leg for adequate support.
  • 8 support rod and padding for the enclosure net
  • A spring cover padding to promote safety
  • Posseses four U-shaped feet for optimum stability
  • To further ensure the durability and safety of the product, the 12ft Trampoline for kids with Safety Enclosure has undergone extensive tests at the lab to guarantee the premium quality of it's materials.


  • Frame material: : Alloy steel
  • Diameter: 3.66m
  • Manufacturer: LIWIBO
  • Colour: Blue


  • S-shaped safety pad hook
  • Spring cover padding
  • Tested and verified by experts


  • No ladder available
  • Large product weight and size

The Zoeon trampoline comes with a 1.85m high safety net alongside a ladder and anchor kit. This trampoline was adequately fitted to fit varying spaces from small to large gardens. Its high-quality springs provide impressive bounce while giving you good work out thereby making it multi-functional.

It ensures adequate stability with its tubular steel framework and U-shaped legs. The 12ft Zoeon trampoline provides an ample amount of room for optimum bouncing. It was created with a durable structure to promote even distribution of weight, perfect elastic force, and safe insulation and cushioning.

Key Features:

  • Posses a safety net of up to 185cm to ensure safety without restricting the line of sight to promote the feeling of serenity.
  • Highly insulated and thick padding to ensure the safety of the family against accidental injuries.
  • Adequately detailed instructions present to promote easy assembly and did assembly
  • Contains additional special Features and tools ranging from a ladder, spring pulls and netted safety enclosure wind stakes.
  • Jumping mat is made from high quality UV resistant PP to promote longevity


  • Colour: Blue
  • Manufacturer: Zoeon
  • Number of springs: : 72


  • Assembly system that promotes even distribution of weight
  • Designed for easy assemblage with no drilling required
  • Suitable for kids, adults and teenagers


  • High price range
  • Can sometimes be considered over spring for users with low weight

Trampoline exercises have always been considered an all-round aerobic exercise strengthening the muscles and glutes while promoting adequate cardiovascular respiration and improving immunity. When looking for a perfect and durable exercise trampoline, the 12ft trampoline set has proven to be an adequate option fulfilling all of the required specifications and more.

To ensure a durable and stronger enclosure net, it was made from high tensile strength polyester weaving technology making it two times stronger and more durable.

Key Features:

  • Jumping mat made from both PVC and PP materials
  • Comes with a unique foldable feature and space saving design while also promoting easy mobility.
  • It Is space adaptable, i.e it's folding feature makes it diversified fitting various living sectors ranging from living room, garden, office space.
  • Can easily be assembled without the aid of tools
  • Wear resistant, slip resistant, easy to clean and breathable PP material.


  • Colour: Multicolored
  • Manufacturer: YDL
  • Frame material: Alloy steel


  • Extra easy pro assembly
  • Foot pad present for noise reduction
  • Wide range of colors available


  • High price range
  • Large product weight


Accurate decisions are predisposed to the available information at hand, with the given details, one can easily make decisions on the trampoline to suit individual needs and specifications, whether that’s an 8ft trampoline, 14ft trampoline or 10ft trampoline. The following products are some of the best trampoline brands available made from the finest and highest quality materials to satisfy its users for its money’s worth.

Picking A 12ft Trampoline Best Suited For You (Buyers Consideration)


The purpose and location of the trampoline being purchased are of utmost importance when choosing a trampoline. An outdoor trampoline would have to pay specific attention to criteria like weather-resistant materials. A trampoline majorly based for the purpose of exercise would be requiring a high tension bouncing mat and spring to provide optimum mobility as well as durability. A trampoline whose sole focus is on the pleasure of a child might pay more attention to aesthetics, safety, and unique features present.


Depending on the size and maximum weight capacity, some trampolines are better suited for children, although certain brands have made provisions of models durable enough to sufficiently accommodate adults and it’s needed. Typically a higher weight index trampoline ranging from 200lbs and above should comfortably accommodate an adult, although certain brands offer weight limits as high as 400lbs.

Material Used

From research, a PP (polypropylene) jumping mat is known to be more durable than a PVC jumping mat. For outdoor recreational activities, a UV-resistant mesh would be highly recommended to promote longevity. Galvanized steels are ideal to look out for to prevent rust. A few brands sometimes make provision of a sheath for protection in the case of unusually harsh weather. The high-quality net should also be looked out for example polyester, among others


The weight limit of the trampoline is most times determined by the number of springs in relation to the diameter of the trampoline. Additional factors would include the quality of the jumping mat, tenacity of the spring, and strength of the framework. Exceeding the weight limit can sometimes lead to loss of elasticity, wear and tear, and sometimes even breakage. To enjoy the optimum life span of one’s trampolines, observing the maximum weight limit guide is often advised. For public usage, getting a multiple-user, durable and secure trampoline is most times advised.


 Which Trampoline is best suited for public use?

 To choose a trampoline optimum for public use, considerations would have to be made on the weight limit safety and durability. Although most of the trampolines mentioned here are some of the best available and made from the most premium materials, there are some though with a higher weight limit, and able to accommodate, a larger number or heavier weighted individuals. Examples include the 12ft Trampoline For Kids and the Upper Bounce Premium.

Are The Trampolines Safe?

Yes, they are. Every trampoline mentioned meets the highest security requirements possible to ensure the safety of its users. Some of these unique features include; safety net enclosure, padded mat, covered springs, and padded poles. Nonslip and water-resistant materials with adequate friction were also used to prevent slipperiness

Do all trampolines come with ladders?

No, they do not. This depends on the discretion of the manufacturer. Although the models with ladders have been duly highlighted. Sometimes in rare cases, the ladders can be ordered from the same manufacturer as a separate entity. Note that these trampoline ladders are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, non-slip, and insulated to guarantee safety.

Do all the trampolines come with the safety enclosure net option:

For all the trampolines listed here, they all do. But note that this design comes with diversified options making the use of the net optional as it is easily detachable and attached based on the preferences of the user.

How easy or difficult is it to put together the trampolines?

One would notice that most of the trampolines come with an “easy assembly” phrase. The manufacturer has the convenience of its users while creating this model. It approximately takes two adults and an average of an hour to put together the materials. Additionally, they all come with detailed manuals and tools for efficiency.

Is any expertise required to put the trampolines together?

No, most times an average Joe can do a good enough job as it has been made as easy as possible for an average user to understand. Most of the system comes with an easy lock and twist attachment system for the framework, clipping, or hanging for the net enclosure. The most complicated system one might come across in these models would be as simple as a nut and bolt.

Is it safe to leave the trampoline out all year round?

Absolutely it is, each trampoline had been made weather-resistant, UV resistant, water-resistant, and anti-rust with galvanized alloy steel.

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