Best Berg 10ft Trampoline [Buyer Guide]

Sophie Chapman
May 10, 2021

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Most often people say the best trampoline is the one that works for you. While this is correct, finding the trampoline that works for you is a daunting task. If you are here to find the best trampolines for your backyard, you’re in the right spot. There are different brands and tons of trampolines for sale these days, making it difficult for buyers to select the best trampoline for them.

However, among those brands, the Berg trampoline brand has built a reputation for itself as one of the UK’s leading trampoline companies, offering a wide range of premium quality and a long shelf life. Among one of their top trampoline is the berg 10ft trampoline that will provide your kids endless hours of outdoor funs.

What is Special About Berg Trampolines?

At a first glance, Berg trampolines may probably look the same or resemble the traditional trampolines. The trampolines are often round with a black jumping mat and a red or green protective edge. However, Berg Trampolines possesses some special features that make them the go-to trampolines for athletes and children looking to enjoy some warm evening in the backyard. The features include;

  • Offers three different quality lines of trampolines: the Favorit, Champion and the Elite.
  • Great Jumping comfort.
  • Protective Safety Net for enthusiastic jumpers.
  • UV resistant protective edges.

Berg trampolines come in different shapes and sizes, it may be hard to determine which one is the ideal one for you. Don’t fret, this article is aimed at helping you pick the best trampoline for you.

Trampolining is fun and also healthy. It serves as a great way to help reduce stress, improve fitness and improve cardio. They are constantly in demand, and as a result, the market is now populated with various models, brands, types, shapes and sizes. This has made it confusing for new buyers to find their ideal trampoline.

To help you eliminate the process of extensive research for the best trampoline brands available, we’ve decided to introduce you to one of the oldest and best trampoline producing brand in the UK. In this review, we will discuss in detail the top berg 10ft trampoline available for purchase, their various special features, the specifications of each tramp, the pros and of course the cons of each. We’ve also included a buyers consideration section to discuss the various factors to consider when buying a trampoline. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have an idea of which trampoline is the ideal fit for you and your family.

10ft Berg Trampoline is a trampoline from the Berg Favorit trampoline line. This trampoline is made to be hard-wearing, with little or no maintenance, and built for long-lasting years of pleasurable jumping. This trampoline provides a safe jumping space for jumpers of all kinds.

It features a sturdy safety net to ensure that children and adults alike don’t fall out when they jump too high. Safety is a priority with this Berg trampoline, because as fun as a trampoline is, jumpers are likely to get minor injuries like sprains, bruises, or fractures if their safety is not ensured. The safety net serves as an enclosure that provides extra safety for bouncers.

The trampoline is designed to provide maximum ease and safety for its users with its self-closing velcro entrance.

Unlike the traditional trampolines that fall in at times when jumpers jump too high because of week constructions, Berg trampoline is nothing like that. The trampolines are made with the best available quality material. The nets are of good materials and run around a sturdy construction, that is padded with a thick layer of foam for extra safety.

The Trampoline uses the Airflow jumping mat that allows 50% more airflow than any other jumping mat, resulting in better jumping comfort, higher and more flexible jumping for bouncers.

It also features the use of Goldspring springs that are long and placed at an angle that ensures they produce the required ample bounce for better and easier jumps without reducing the jumping surface. Thanks to this, you can enjoy some great trampolining on this berg trampoline.

The trampoline is round, and like every round trampoline, the best place to jump is in the centre. This is because the tension on the springs and the frame is evenly distributed during jumps. The trampoline ensures extra safety for your kids through the thick PVC protective edge.

It is important that the trampoline is only ideal for domestic use, not for public use. It is advisable to use only one user at a time to avoid a collision hazard. The trampoline is not recommended for use by children under 6 years of age and not suitable for children under 36 months.

Key Features:

  • A sturdy safety net to ensure that children and adults alike don’t fall out when they jump too high.
  • Airflow jumping mat that allows 50% more airflow than any other jumping mat, resulting in better jumping comfort, higher and more flexible jumping for bouncers.
  • Better and easier jumps with Goldspring springs without reducing the jumping surface.
  • Extra safety for jumpers with the thick PVC protective edge


  • Colour: Green
  • Brand: BERG
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight Limit: 100kg
  • Item Weight: 75.2 kg
  • Size: 10ft


  • Better and easier jumps with the Goldspring springs.
  • The safety net is very sturdy.


  • Colour may not be to everyone’s liking.


Berg Trampoline is one of the oldest and best trampoline producing brands. In this review, we’ve taken a detailed look at the best berg trampoline available. The models available and the sizes of these trampolines. The demands for trampolines will continue to increase, as more people are looking to spend more fun time outdoors. Apart from the fun they offer, they are also one of the best ways to exercise. It is important to get the best model of trampoline that works for you. That is why we’ve discussed these products, their descriptions, special features, specifications that make them special, and the pros and cons that come with each.

To further help out in the process of buying the best trampoline for your kids, or your fitness routine, we’ve included a buyer consideration section for you. Buying the best-matched trampoline is no easy feat, even the best professionals make mistakes when buying from time to time. That is why we’ve taken the time to make research on the best factors to consider when shopping for a trampoline. You can however decide not to go completely with our buyer’s consideration factor, but feel free to use it as a reference when making your research. These factors are discussed in the section below.

What to Look for In Berg Trampolines


Although most often overlooked by most people, a good collection of trampoline accessories can help make your trampolining session easier and more fun. Below are some of the important accessories to look out for when buying a trampoline.

  • Ladder: It makes climbing into the trampoline easy, especially for kids.
  • Ground Anchor: This helps to ground the trampoline to the ground tightly and prevent it from falling over no matter the external force that acts on it.
  • Weather Cover: This is to help maintain your trampoline and keep it in good shape no matter the season.
  • Basketball Hoop: This can be safely secure on the net, for your kids to play basketball while trampolining. The recommended hoop is the flexrhoop, made from flexible rod materials, to reduce the risk of injury.

Safety and Quality

Safety is an important factor no matter the type or brand of trampoline you consider buying. There are some major safety features to look out for when buying a trampoline. The materials for these safety features must be of top quality to prevent any hazard. Below are some of the important safety features to look out for in a trampoline

  • Sturdy safety Net.
  • PVC protective edges to prevent injures like fractures.
  • Sturdy frame and structures.

Weight Limit

It is important to note that all trampolines do not have the same limit. It will be dangerous to buy a trampoline based on the specification of another brand. There are two types of weights when trampolines are concerned. The structural weight capacity and the maximum weight of the user. While the first refers to the overall strength of the trampoline, the other refers to the maximum weight of a bouncer, a trampoline can take at once. When buying a trampoline, ensure to check the max weight it can accommodate to avoid the trampoline falling in. It is advised for one person (adults) to use a trampoline at a time to prevent exceeding the max weight.

Shapes and Sizes

The size of the trampoline you buy depends majorly on the space you have available. When buying a tramp, endeavour to measure your backyard space to help you determine if you’re going for the 8ft ones, or the 10ft and above trampolines.

The price of a trampoline and bounce placement depends most times on the shape of the trampoline. There are different shapes of trampolines, however, the major ones are round, square and oval trampolines. The round trampolines are the most popular and cheapest. They are also the ones that tend to occupy a lot of space. However they have a shortcoming when it comes to bounce placement, the best placement is located at the centre, as a result of this jumpers are drawn to the middle of the trampoline.


What is the best size of berg trampoline to buy?

The best size of berg trampoline to buy is dependent on you and the available space, you have in your yard. If space is not a problem and you plan on having more than one person on a tramp, it is better to go for trampolines that are 10ft and above.

Are berg trampolines safe?

Berg is one of the oldest and best trampoline brands in the UK. Their trampolines are of high quality and also safe. There are so many safety features in place to guarantee the safety of you and your kids.

How do I assemble my trampoline?

Berg trampolines are easy to assemble. To make things easier for you, we’ve included a video tutorial below on how you can assemble your trampoline quickly and easily.


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