Best Jumpking 12ft Trampolines [Buyer Guide]

Chris Robinson
May 8, 2021

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What is a family garden picnic without a Jumpking 12ft trampoline? The trampoline provides children and adults alike with the opportunity to burn some calories, blow some excess energy, and remain fit while having some fun. Trampolines are designed and constructed from a jumping mat, with springs to help lift its, users, while retaining its sturdiness due to the support of a frame.

If you’re bothered about how your kids keep running around the house and breaking things, or you have kids that won’t just get off their phone and have fun or play around to exercise just for a little bit. Don’t worry you’re not alone in this, so many parents have discovered that with the right jumpking trampoline in your backyard or garden you can finally get your kids to play outside and not break your precious ceramics or finally get your son or daughter to take some time off their phone screens.

Why a 12ft Jumpking Trampoline?

You may probably be on the fence about trampolines and ask yourself why a 12ft Jumpking trampoline when you can go for other recreational toys and gadgets.

The trampoline provides an avenue for convenient and enjoyable exercises to children while helping to boost their cardiovascular health, relieve stress and tension, and improve endurance. Research has shown that trampolining can help improve bone density and strength. With the ideal trampoline, you can give your child a healthy bone structure.

While trampolins can be a great source of exercise and fun, they can also pose a little safety risk to your children, especially those of a younger age. That is why we have taken our time to help you select the top jumpingking trampoline available.

To help you cut through the noise we have included buyers guide in this article, with a detailed discussion on the top Jumpking 12ft trampoline available for you. I’ll also discuss the various features of each and what sets them apart from other trampolines. The various pros and cons of each trampoline will also be discussed. You could also go for a Berg 12ft trampoline too. By the end of this article, you should be able to conclude which Jumpking 12ft trampoline will be the best fit for your children.

Jumpking rectangular 12x 17ft trampoline is a wide trampoline with an enclosure to provide your kids with maximum comfort and safety while trampolining. Jumpking has quite a reputation for its exceptional and professional design when it comes to trampoline and this professional 12 x 17ft rectangular trampoline is no different.

This 12ft x 17ft rectangular trampoline comes with a safety enclosure that provides your kids with three different jumping zones. The shape of the trampoline allows your kids to jump in the different zones without being drawn to the centre of the trampoline while bouncing.

This trampoline is designed with gymnasts and aspiring athletes in mind. Compared to other trampolines this particular model will cater to your young ones’ dream of being a gymnast. It is the perfect fitness trampoline for your kids to work on their cardio.

This product provides you with the peace of mind that comes with every great product from Jumpking. It is perfect for your narrow gardens, and you don’t have to worry about your kids falling off when they bounce too high. With the thick safety net sewn on the trampoline to ensure that bouncers cannot touch the springs while the trampoline is in use.

This product frame is robust and very reliable. This frame is the largest compared to other jumpking trampolines models, with a diameter of 57mm. It is capable of taking all the weight during jumps and ensure the trampoline does not fall in. Apart from the sturdy frame, this particular model also comes with a trilayer socket that holds the trampoline together and helps keep it sturdy and in perfect shape.

The fully galvanised steel frame is guaranteed for 10 years. This model features the new durable XPE foams and JumpKing Branding on the netting. The trampoline legs and ladder are now dark greys powder-coated to give a sleek stylish finish.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly designed for fitness training among athletes for their cardio.
  • Safety net to ensure bouncers cannot touch the springs when using the trampoline.
  • Robust and reliable frame for even distribution of weight and ensure the trampoline doesn’t fall in.
  • Trampoline legs and ladders are coated with dark grey powder to beautify and give the trampoline a sleek finish.


  • Enclosure Frame: 8 Galvanized steel poles
  • Colour: Green
  • Brand: JumpKing
  • JumpKing: 10ft x 15ft
  • Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Dimension: 12ft x 17ft


  • The springs are great and produce powerful push.
  • The beds are soft and feel great on the skin.


  • It is not easy to set up alone.

Jump King 12ft Deluxe combo Trampoline is another one-of-a-kind trampoline from JumpKing. This model of the trampoline is designed and built to have a great base strength capable of accepting your kids’ weight on every jump. This trampoline is great for garden playground activities with its tie-down kit to keep it in place and secure in high winds.

Suitable for kids age 8 and above, and it includes a deluxe black trampoline ladder for your wards to climb in easily. This product also features a sleek black surround pad that covers the 7inches galvanized trampoline springs for added safety.

The enclosure system of this trampoline is what makes it stand out compared to other models. The enclosure system is G3 patented i.e it features a shock-corded fibreglass hoop that runs around the top of the net, plus the square joint to ensure the trampoline doesn’t roll in when bouncers bounce on it.

This product is very easy and fast to assemble due to its unique tri-layer connector sockets that provide a secure enclosure.

Key Features:

  • Unique tri-layer connector sockets for easy assembling and secure enclosure.
  • G3 patented enclosure system to ensure the trampoline doesn’t roll in.
  • Sleek black surround pad that covers the 7inches trampoline spring for added safety.
  • Deluxe black ladder for an easy climb in.


  • Joint System: T Connector with a welded socket.
  • Colour: Black
  • Brand: Jump King
  • Bed-Size: 10ft
  • Weight Limit: 105kg
  • Dimension: 12ft


  • It is very easy and fast to assemble.
  • Ladder makes it easy to climb for kids.


  • Colour may not be to everyone's liking.


In this review, we’ve taken a lot of time to discuss in detail the top jumpking 12ft trampoline available to you. We also discuss their various special features and set them aside from other trampoline brands available in the market. This review is to help you with the daunting task that comes with shopping for the perfect trampoline for your kids or your family gathering picnic in your yard. Nothing more fun than a group of adults and kids having a great time bouncing on an adult trampoline or kids trampoline.

Factors to Consider When Buying Jumpking 12ft Trampoline

Selecting the best trampoline is no easy choice, most big trampolines don’t mean the best. Even those that have been using a trampoline for some time often make the mistake of selecting a trampoline that is not ideal at times, not to consider those that this is their first time. To help you with this, we’ve included some important factors to look out for if you ever consider changing your trampoline or this is your first time buying. Below are some of these major factors to consider while shopping for your next trampoline.


Most often people underestimate the importance that the shape of a trampoline plays. The shape of a trampoline often determines how efficient and effective the bounce of a trampoline is. The shape also determines how many bouncers can effectively bounce on a trampoline at a time.

The trampoline comes in various shapes and they are;

  • Round:

    This is a popular shape among trampolines. It is important to know that this particular shape is only ideal for one bouncer at once. This is because the best bounce and the point where the spring produces the most powerful and consistent bounce is in the middle. If you have more than one kid, then it is important to let them go at a turn, as it can be quite dangerous if more than one person uses the trampoline at once.

  • Rectangular:

    This particular shape of a trampoline is most popular among adults. This trampoline keeps bouncers bouncing in place, and it is very accommodating for a sizable number of bouncers. If you’re one to plan a large family picnic this type of trampoline is suitable for about 5 to 8 kids. You can always go for a larger rectangular trampoline if you desire. The only downside to this trampoline is that the safety nets don’t fit most times, you have to ensure you go for those that fit.


This another common factor in a trampoline that most buyers often overlook. The frame is a very important part of a trampoline, it is responsible for providing the trampoline with the necessary support. It takes the weight of every bounce and ensures the trampoline does not fall in. This is why it is important to go for trampolines with a good and reliable frame.

A good frame should;

  • Be made of heavy-duty galvanized steel.
  • Feature a clean welding and no sharp edges to prevent injuries.
  • Coated to ensure lasting usage and prevent corrosion.

It is safe to go for established brands like Jumpking that have passed all the necessary safety test and regulations.

Weight Limit

This another important factor to put into consideration when buying a trampoline. A trampoline with a low user weight is not ideal for handling heavy users, in cases like that it is preferable to go for high user weight. It is important to go for high user weight even if you’re buying for your young kids, that way it serves as a long-term investment for when your kids finally grow up. This way you’re saved the cost of getting an upgrade in the future. Make sure to check for the weight limits on the brand of trampoline you’re buying. The manufacturer always specifies the maximum weight limit on their various products and models. This way your family are both safe and secure.

Safety Net

The importance of safety can never be underappreciated when it comes to buying a trampoline. Often a safety net comes as an optional addition to a trampoline, but there is nothing like too safe when it comes to your children. Get a safety net installed on time and you will rest assured that your little bouncers are safe while having a great time. It is important to shop for a trampoline with a reliable and thick net that covers every corner of the trampoline. This will help prevent your wards and even adults from falling off whenever they bounce too high.


What is the best size trampoline to buy?

 Choosing the right size trampoline is most often not easy. The first thing to consider is to find the size that can fit into your backyard, then you can find the one that can accommodate your kids if you have more than one. The 12ft trampoline is the best fit if you have more than two kids.

Is Jumpking 12ft Trampoline safe for children?

The trampoline is perfectly safe for your children. It comes with a safety net to keep your little bouncers safe even when they jump too high.

 How do I install my Jumpking 12ft Trampoline?

Below is a video tutorial link of how you can install your jumpking trampoline successfully

How to install jumpking trampoline

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