5 Best Jumpking Rectangle Trampolines [Buyer Guide]

Chris Robinson
May 11, 2021

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There are varieties of rectangle trampoline brands on the market ranging from ACON, Anchaer, Avyna and so much more. However, you can’t visit the market to buy all brands of trampolines. That’s why we would be narrowing our scope to one of the most reliable brands in the trampolines industry – the Jumpking rectangle trampoline – based on their years of experience in the production of trampolines. The jumpking trampoline also comes in different shapes, sizes, and specifications but the question is, how do you determine the best jumpking trampoline among the lots?

Determining the type of Jumpking trampoline you desire is dependent on various factors such as cost, and size.  The Jumpking trampoline comes in various sizes, shapes, and features altogether. That’s why we would be reviewing a few of the best Jumpking trampoline products that you can use for amazing recreational, career, and medical activities both indoor and outdoor activities based on specifications, benefits, and downsides? Then this review is meant for you.  14

Jumpking Trampolines Review

In this review, we would look at a few Jumpking trampolines available on the market. By considering their key specifications, features, disadvantages, and overall benefits. We also included a buyer guide to highlight some of the critical factors to consider when purchasing a rectangle trampoline.

We would also provide a summary and answer some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this product. After reading through this review, we’re sure that you would have a much better idea about the ideal Jumpking trampoline line, and you should consider this before making a choice on which one to buy based on your needs, preference, and budgets. 

This 12ft×17ft professional rectangular trampoline is Identical to the Oval-shaped trampolines. It has a three-way jump zone, therefore, making it a suitable fit for individuals working on fitness or aspiring athletes as they are not drawn to the middle of the tramp while on the bounce. It is equipped with an upgraded Amourweave Bed which is naturally stronger than the ordinary bed. It also offers an upgraded airflow which provides a higher bounce. With its unique shape, you don’t need to worry about space width as it fits perfectly into narrow gardens. The galvanised steel is made with durable materials to last more than ten years. The 57mm frame makes it a very sturdy trampoline.


Key Features:

  • PVC frame padding
  • Black polypropylene bounce bed
  • Galvanised alloy steel framing.
  • 4 "W" shaped legs.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Colour: Black
  • Height: 278cm
  • Width: 12ft
  • Material: Galvanised steel
  • Padding: 25mm closed cell foam PVC padding.
  • Additions: Enclosure cover, deluxe ladder, and a tie down kit.


  • It comes with a fine mesh net safety system for extra safety.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor set-up
  • Mimization of spaces because of it's unique shape.
  • The Amourweave bed enables a higher bounce and a stronger bed.
  • It's three-way jump way system makes it possible for three individuals to have fun without obstructing one another.


  • It has a maximum weight limit of 120 kg.
  • Cannot easily be set-up and requires an expert.

The Jumpking oval trampoline offers several advantages owing to its unique style which gives it an edge over other trampolines as its slim oval design permits easy installation in environments with limited play spaces, be it indoor or outdoor. You don’t need to worry about safety as it is equipped with a safety net that guarantees fall protection. It’s suitable for people of all ages as it can take up to 115kg of load since it’s built with galvanized steel.


Key Features:

  • 240 x 350 solid galvanized steel frame.
  • 18cm steel springs for more spring power
  • Vertical poles to enhance sturdiness
  • Availability of a safety net.


  • Shape: Round
  • Weight: 11.79 kg
  • Brand: Jumpking
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Frame size: 350cm
  • Size: 240 × 350cm


  • offers a better jump power without compromising safety.
  • Could easily be set up in small play spaces.
  • It offers three “jumping zones” and a large area feel inside the trampoline enclosure.


  • Only supports 115kg of weight

The combo Deluxe Jumpking Trampoline is a portable beginner tramp package for aspiring athletes, youths/teens, and adults. It is also equipped with better Jumpking base strength. The Combo Deluxe trampoline offers better bounce fun. The Jumpking trampoline offers easy accessibility and repairs as its accessories can be bought individually, and also made available to “suit all” jumping accessories hence guaranteeing quality and strength.

Key Features:

  • Galvanized frame and strings.
  • Fiberglass netting hoop
  • Centralized industrial spring polypropylene mat
  • The product package includes padding, Ladder.


  • Shape: Round
  • Weight: 11.79 kg
  • Brand: Jumpking
  • Material : Alloy steel
  • Spring: 48 x 7 inches


  • It is more resistant to bounce pressure.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It can be used in indoor and outdoor environments.


  • It is a solo bounce tramp, i.e. for one person at a go.
  • Maximum weight capacity of just 50 kilograms.

This Jumpking inground trampoline innovation is easy to assemble. The double rail of alloy steel holding the spring bed makes it strong and stable on installation. The reliable safety edges assist in elongating its service life span, guaranteeing hours and years of fun!

Key Features:

  • 20mm vinyl green paddings
  • 3.66meters polypropylene mesh sprang mat.
  • 12 alloy steel legs. 1.2mm in thickness and 38mm in diameter.
  • 90×17.8cm galvanized springs which enable a higher bounce power.


  • Colour: Black and green
  • Diameter: 4.27meters
  • Frame: Galvanized alloy steel frame
  • Springs: 90×17.8cm galvanized springs


  • The inground placement style helps attain a strong and comfortable bounce base.
  • It provides a net enclosure and vinyl paddings for extra safety.
  • It is an easier reach for children, as it does not require a ladder.


  • It is restricted to outdoor use only as it requires digging a hole to fit in the legs.
  • It has a weight limit of 120 kilograms.

The Deluxe Jumpking inground trampoline innovation is easy to assemble. The double rail of alloy steel holding the spring bed makes it strong and stable on installation. The reliable safety edges assist in elongating its service life span, guaranteeing hours and years of fun!!!.

Key Features:

  • Colour is usually black or/and green, with a diameter of 3.66meters.
  • The Jumpking inground tramp is placed in the ground at a hole depth of 90cm and a hole diameter of 3.05meters.
  • Galvanized springs.
  • The safety net extends 180cm from the springboard.


  • Paddings: 20mm vinyl green paddings.
  • Material: 3.05meters polypropylene sprang mat.
  • Metals: 11 alloy steel legs. 1.2mm in thickness and 38mm in diameter.
  • Spring: 80×17.8cm galvanized springs
  • Frame: Steel frames. 1.4mm in thickness and 44mm in diameter.


  • The inground placement style helps attain a strong and comfortable bounce base.
  • It is easily accessible for children because of its height, hence it does not require a ladder.
  • It provides a 180cm high net enclosure and vinyl edge paddings for extra safety.


  • It is restricted to outdoor use only as it requires digging a hole to fit in the legs of the trampoline.
  • It has a weight limit of 120 kilograms.


This buyer guide has extensively pointed out Five of the best Jumpking trampolines in the market considering their specifications, cost, and other reviews. With the various reviewed trampoline products, you can determine which one fits your demands and most importantly your financial budget.

Sometimes, choosing a particular product based on the specifications and features that have been highlighted is an uphill task. That’s why we would be highlighting some of the major factors you need to consider when trying to choose a Jumpking trampoline.

Things to consider when buying Jumpking trampolines

  1. Ease of Installation

 Before getting a trampoline, you must consider how easy it is to install by the location. Some trampolines need to be fixed into the ground while others can be dismantled and can be conveniently moved to another location, if necessary. It is paramount to consider the flexibility of installation. Try to find out if you need an expert or trained personnel to install the trampoline of your choice. Is it something just anyone can achieve without hazard?  Do not also forget that whatever is installed must also be uninstalled after use.

2. Weight Limits

 The weight limits of professional rectangular trampolines are essential to consider before purchasing them. The four types given above have an average weight limit of 120 pkg. The trampoline weight is also a major factor to consider as a lighter-weighted trampoline would be easily conveyable compared to a heavier one.

3. Safety Measures

 A rectangular trampoline needs to have a safety net attached to it. In cases of unprecedented events, it is a prerequisite that any products you want to use should have a safety measure to reduce at least to the nearest minimum casualty. It is also advisable to get accessories such as a ladder for trampolines that are a little too high above the ground.

4. Cost

Cost is an important factor to consider before purchasing any item. Before buying any of the trampolines mentioned above, you need to consider your budget line and how it will affect your income. Not all trampolines are the same. It would be unnecessary to purchase a trampoline suitable for gymnasts in a home with no gymnasts as they attract more cost and cost of maintenance too. You wouldn’t want to use all your income to buy a trampoline now, would you? Then check out which fits perfectly with your budget and get bouncing.

5. Location of installation

Before buying a trampoline, you have to determine if it will be installed indoors or outdoor.  This will help you make a decision on how much space you can afford the trampoline to cover.

6. Material

Trampolines are basically made of tubings, springs, jumping mats, and safety pads. Polypropene is considered the best material for trampoline and galvanized steel is easily the best material for the frames.

7. Size of the trampoline

When trying to decide on the size of the trampoline to get, think budget, think users. If you’re getting it for recreational purposes in the home, you might want to get a big one that the kids would still have around as they grow. If you’re getting a trampoline for recreational purposes in the public or gym or any place where people of all sizes and ages would get access to, it would be best you get a bigger sturdier trampoline.


1. Is a rectangular Jumpking trampoline better than a round trampoline?

A rectangular or even oval-shaped Jumpking trampoline provides a uniform spring power across the mat and a higher bounce than a round trampoline which drifts the bouncer towards the center where it is stronger. The decision-making now lies in your hands to choose which you desire. A square trampoline has a combination of the cons of the round trampoline and the rectangular trampoline.

2. How do I set up a Jumpking trampoline?

Setting up a Jumpking trampoline is very easy as soon as you get the setup manual, the necessary tools, and an extra set of arms needed to complete the setup. We have provided a link to a video that shows how to set up a type of trampoline. Watch it and get rolling with your new trampoline!

If you happen to get a trampoline different from the one in the video, worry not, as you can find such videos on the internet. See more on the Jumpking trampoline site.

3. Are Jumpking trampolines good trampolines?

The jumpking brand is an accredited and reliable brand. It started in 1948 and it accounts for 60% of the sales of trampolines in the United States. It is one of the greatest manufacturers and suppliers of trampolines in the world. As we all know, consistency drives the improvement of the quality of a product or service in different fields. Jumpking trampoline is a good choice as they have been in the market for a long time and have considered customer opinions as we see in revamps and new products.

4. How long do Jumpking Trampolines last?

During the purchase of the trampoline of your choice, you would be informed of the warranty of the product but you do not have to worry about a short warranty time as Jumpking Trampolines are quite sturdy, and different parts of the trampoline would have different warranties.

5. How often should I call for maintenance of my trampoline?

Typically, different parts of a trampoline are made with different materials. Hence, the frequency at which you call for maintenance or repairs would vary. For example, the frames are made of galvanized steel, hence, they are not susceptible to rust and the elements or wear and tear, but the mat could call for maintenance earlier than the frames.

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