Having a trampoline at home to play in with friends is fantastic and thrilling, but there are times when the games you want to play individually or with friends need extra equipment or a better safety facility which you or your friends cannot provide. Trampoline parks are some of the best things to happen to the sport/fitness sector. While there are other means of burning calories and fats, trampoline parks seem to be the safest, particularly with its jumpking trampoline. In the UK, trampoline parks are highly sought for their many advantages.

Various UK trampoline parks, in a bid to outdo each other, have built a standard economic sector that grosses in profit and makes available the best trampolining facilities in the world. With trampoline parks spread across all UK, you can access the Parks in almost all cities in UK. The Parks are structured to cater to both children and adults.

This blog will examine some of the best trampoline parks available in the United Kingdom and provide some information about them. So, let us take a look at them.

  1. Gravit8, Airdrie, Scotland

The location of the trampoline park, Gravit8, is Chapelhall, Airdrie. Gravit8 is one of the classy and top extreme trampoline parks in Europe. The park has activities for all classes of persons, from amateur to professionals with the professional rectangle trampolines available for professional gymnastics.

The Park has 80 trampolines and a space of 16,000 square feet. The trampoline park takes in children, with a minimum age of 2 years, and adults for entertainment and fitness. The children have special consideration as the Park provides kids trampolines for them.

The park believes in having a zero-gravity experience and is ready to give that experience akin to skydiving to visitors. The price of Gravit8 starts from £10. The park opens on weekends, 4 pm on Fridays, and 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can access its website here.

  1. Infinity Trampoline Park, Cardiff, Wales

Infinity Trampoline Park was one of the first UK trampoline parks. It opened in 2015 and has since expanded. The location of the park is Unit J, St. Catherine’s Park, Pengam Rd, Cardiff CF24 2RZ.

The parkour indoor trampoline park has over 70 interconnected trampolines and other gaming and fitness equipment for different ages from age 5.

This park is a perfect place for parties, especially for children. For the party plan, you can check their website. The price starts from £9.99 per head.

The division of the park’s sessions is by time — day or night, and according to ages. The stimulating environment makes the park an excellent place to be any day of the week as it opens seven days a week, from 3 pm Mondays to Fridays and 10 am Saturdays to Sundays.

  1. Kick Air, Manchester, England

As the name implies, the park is a place to feel the air and, in fact, kick it. The Kick Air Park in 61 Great Ducie St, Manchester, is a great place to be, and as a result of its uniqueness, it is described as a ‘freestyle park’ with several side attractions that you might not easily find in other parks in the UK.

The park has three zones: the Air Zone, the Kick Zone, and The Little Kicks. The Air Zone is the place for persons interested in trampolines with several games and spaces available. More intense and thrilling games on the trampoline are also available to children and adults alike. The Kick Zone is a great place to test your footballing skill and determine how easy it is to get behind a Robokeeper. The Little Kick is a special provision for toddlers. The little kick is a zone that considers their needs and works towards them.

You can access the park through its website for parties, prices, membership cards, and other information. The park opens by 11 am every day and closes by 8 pm. The prices start at £12.

  1. Freedome Trampoline Park, Cheshire

Freedome Trampoline Park, located at Coliseum way, Freedome, Cheshire Oaks Way, Ellesmere, Port CH65 9HD, is an exhilarating place with state-of-the-art equipment. The owners of the Freedom Trampoline Park are makers of trampolines, so they have expert knowledge of the process of ensuring that their customers derive maximum fun and satisfaction.

The park is an exciting location with several courses/activities to fit your preferences. From the Freestyle courts, you can dunk as many balls as possible in a basketball game. You can also play other ball games with the FreeForm airbags. The final must-see is the Warrior Course. The warrior course is an intense course that involves a test of strength and active concentration.

There are provisions for booking parties on the website. The minimum age for the children is two years. There is also the Open Jump session. The indoor Park opens on weekdays by 9:30 am and 9 am on weekends.

If you stay around Cheshire, this is a great place to visit for fun and family time. The prices are low, with £10 being the minimum entry price.

  1. Xscape, Yorkshire

Xscape is the epitome of fun and exercise. The hub provides a home for many entertainment spots. The Gravity Trampoline Parks is one of the spots in Xscape. The Park has many state-of-the-art equipment. Sessions such as OpenJump, Parent & Toddler, Climbing, Bounce Party, etc., are reasons why a visit to the Gravity Trampoline Park in Xscape located at Colorado Way, Castleford, Yorkshire is a must. It has trampolines of different shapes, including the rectangle trampoline. The park opens by 6 am every day of the week, and with a minimum of £10.25, you can gain access.

The Park is quite interested in the physical health of its customers and directs most of its sessions to entertain and ultimately improve the health conditions of its customers.

  1. Spring City, Liverpool

Spring City is the first trampoline park in Liverpool. The park adequate equipment and facilities for the enjoyment of the trampolines and their allied games with over a hundred trampolines and different games that come with its varied sessions. The Park’s location is Glacier Buildings, Harrington Road, Brunswick Business Park.

The Spring City Park has the Open Bounce session, the Spring Tots session, the Autism Friendly session, and the Character Events session. The Park is inclusive with its consideration of the needs of the persons with disabilities; thus, the Autism Friendly session ensures that people with Autism have a fun time just like any other regular person.

The Spring City Park opens at 10 am on most days, and provisions for special parties are made available. Entry prices differ with a minimum of £7 needed.

  1. Fusion Trampoline Park, Preston

Fusion Trampoline Park also known as Energi Preston. It is widely known and accepted as one of the best UK trampoline parks because of many of its innovative activities. The Park’s location is Queens Retail Park, Queen St., Preston, Lancashire.

Fusion Trampoline Park has attractions such as Fusion Skyride, Climbing Wall, Parkour, Slam Dunk, High Jump Targets, Trampoline Park, etc. These attractions, like the Fusion Skyride, are exciting and safe as the facility has a large trampoline such as the 14ft trampoline to protect its customers from injuries. The Fusion Skyride is an innovative activity leaving the participants with the feeling like they are skydiving when using the trampoline and its allied equipment. To enjoy this creative park, you have to have a minimum of £5 with you.

Fusion Fit, Fusion Jump, Fusion Toddlers, Fusion Beat, Fusion Autism & Sensory Sessions make the park a loved one. It plans its many activities to fit people of all ages, from toddlers to adults and also caring for people with disabilities. It is opened by 10 am every day of the week.

  1. Freestyle Trampoline Parks, Ashfield

Comfort is a significant focus of the owners of Freestyle Trampoline Park. They believe that you should be comfortable while you should get fit through entertaining activities. That is why they have opened one of the largest trampoline parks in the UK with 140 trampolines available and several other related types of equipment provided. Low Moor Road, Kirby in Ashfield is the location of the park.

The large availability of trampoline beds makes the park a top recommendation. You can have more than two parties simultaneously as the facility accommodates them all.

The Freestyle Trampoline park adequately provides for activities such as Open Jump, Freestyle Fitness, School Trips, opening on weekdays for pre-school sessions and throughout the week by 9:30 am for Open Jump sessions.

  1. Base Jump, Essex

Base Jump is a trampoline park with exciting activities such as the Half Pipe and the ‘Ninja Challenge’ course featuring for the first time in a UK’s trampoline park. 26a Brook Road, Rayleigh, Essex, is the location of the Park.

Base Jump is an activity-filled park with formal jump sessions, mega bounce, family hour, toddler sessions, Friday party night, soft play area, etc. The Park opens by 10am and is so activity-filled that the park makes allocations for each activity per day. There is also a provision of a mini trampoline for kids during the toddler sessions. So, with a minimum of £13, you can have a great time.

  1. Flip Out, London (Brent Cross)

Flip out Parks is a franchise in the UK with over ten branches all over the UK. While most parks are of an excellent standard, Flip Out Park, located at Staples Corner Retail Park, Geron Way, London (Brent Cross), stands out with its featured games and activities.

There are many activities provided by Flip out, such as Unlimited Flip, Stay and Play, SEND Sessions, Family Pass, etc. The park also has special offers such as One Hour Experience, Two Hour Experience, and Half Price Wednesday. It opens most days by 10 am, and with a minimum of £13.50, you would have a great time.

If you are in Brent Cross, London, Flip Out is the place to be.