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Our seasoned experts provide you with the very best advice, guidance and information on everything to do with rectangle trampolines and more. Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your trampoline. 

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Best trampoline

A popular but often tough choice in the summer, we give our opinion on the very best trampoline on the market.

Best In ground trampoline

Demand for in ground trampolines have sky rocketed over the last 24 months. We test the leading brands on the market and give our opinion on which one is best.

best kids trampoline

Though we probably buy trampolines for our kids, there are some trampolines that are better catered for them. We test the leading kids trampolines on the market and give our opinion on the best.

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Buying a trampoline that just about fits the garden can be tough and there’s a few rules you should follow when measuring the trampoline. Head on over to find out more.

You’ve bought your dream trampoline, great. Now you just need to set it up. There’s quite a few things you need to look out for before jumping straight in. Take a look at our post as we walk you through the steps of setting up a trampoline.

Taking care of your trampoline should be top of your weekly activities. You want to ensure you retain maximum spring and avoid rusting on the base. Check out our guide to taking care of your trampoline. 

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I never previously took trampolining that seriously, until I had kids. The moment I bought them their first trampoline, I couldn't keep away from it. Ever since, I've been testing and reviewing the very best trampolines the UK has to offer.

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