Product review process

All the guides and comparisons at Rectangle Trampoline are written by our trampoline experts

Each article is thoroughly researched and the products featured are comprehensively analysed to give our readers free and impartial reviews and advice. We collate product specifications from manufacturers or sellers at the time of publishing.

When making our product selection, we find the best available items on the market at the time. With this, we strive to provide readers with the most recent and relevant information for all trampolines and trampoline accessories.

Our readers deserve to have all the information available to them to make the right decision for their purchase. Because of this, we will occasionally link to external sources with more information regarding products.

The Process

The internet is full of so much information, it can be difficult to detect what is and isn’t genuine. When making online purchases, not having the ability to handle products beforehand or speak to a sales advisor can leave some people cautious about buying.

That’s why our experts use the utmost care when selecting products to be featured. They take several factors into consideration before choosing to feature a product, including real customer reviews.


Get product specification

We gather information directly from the seller or manufacturer in relation to product specifications.

Get customer reviews

We take into consideration real customer reviews before choosing to feature a product.

Choose the best product

Every opinion provided is honest, impartial and earnestly researched and cross referenced.

Honest Writers, Honest Reviews

We have no affiliation with any supplier or seller of products that are featured within our reviews. We provide links to e-commerce sites for these products. Occasionally, we will be provided commission on these product sales.

However, we do not take this into consideration when choosing our products or writing their reviews. Every opinion provided is honest, impartial and earnestly researched and cross referenced.

Product Selection Process

It’s isn’t a quick and easy process to choose the best product on the market for our readers’ needs. Our expert writers take into account several factors before choosing to feature a product on our website, including customer reviews and manufacturer.

They gather information directly from the seller or manufacturer in relation to product specifications, this could be Amazon and other large online retailers. From this, an affiliate relationship can be established. This never impacts the selection process and opinions are not influenced by these companies To see more about this, please see our earnings disclaimer.

Our team

Sophie Chapman

Chief Editor

A trampolinist at heart, Sophie was a national trialist in the sport and had always had a dream of competing at the highest level. Admitting she feels more comfortable airborne than on the ground, her dream of teaching gymnastics and physical education couldn’t be realised due to constant injury but this hasn’t stopped her from expressing her passion in new ways. Sophie inundates us with trampolining tips and tricks to help you perfect your form. She also offers insight and reviews on various trampolines on the market, ensuring you make the right choice this summer.

Chris Robinson


Chris has always had a passion for fitness, and can often be found in the gym when he’s not at work. He once found himself a little bored of the same routine, and wanted to explore creative ways to work out. In truth, it was his kids persistence on getting a trampoline that got him, at the age of 36, into trampolining. Since he bought them their first trampoline, Chris hasn’t looked back. A frequent attendee at his local trampolining club in London, Chris now helps children get into trampolining as well as providing us with reviews on the very best trampolines on the market.