I never previously took trampolining (or bouncing as trampoline enthusiasts popularly call it) that seriously. I always thought trampolines were for kids, and I wondered why any adult would be into it. How wrong I was! When I had kids, I tried out a trampoline for the first time, and that was all it took. The moment I bought them their first trampoline, I took one bounce, and I just could not keep away from it — I have literally become obsessed with them. I love exercising on trampolines. I try out different trampoline exercises every day. I have also found them to be especially helpful for lower body issues like the ankle, hip, knee, or low-back pain. It is a much lower impact than running, but I still get an intense workout. It keeps me in such great shape. Many mornings, I find myself just bouncing away on the trampoline, carried away by how exhilarating it is, so much so that I forget I am working out. Often, it is a competition between my kids and me who uses the trampoline more. What a way to start the day!

When I am not bouncing on the trampoline, I am probably spending hours researching, testing, comparing, and writing about trampolines. I care very deeply about ensuring that everyone has the best and safest experience when trampolining. As such, ever since my encounter with trampolines, I literally jumped into testing and reviewing the very best trampolines the United Kingdom has to offer to find out the models that are safe, durable and easy-to-use. I check out features like its structural strength and durability, how well the padding and enclosure protect against impacts, head entrapment gaps, and basically, how fun it is to use (because what is trampolining without fun). With so many types and brands of trampolines to choose from, I run these tests and write reviews, just to help every trampoline enthusiast know what to look out for in getting one. As with most of the products I review, I aim to test the most popular brands and types on the market and what you are most likely to see in stores.

So here I am, pouring out my newly found obsession for trampolines in this blog, hoping to help people see how great they really are — to see the fun of starting your day with a double bounce on the trampoline.

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