Exercising is a great way to improve your mental and physical health, but how do you get motivated? That’s the question that many people ask when they are trying to find ways to exercise regularly.

You will discover tips to motivate yourself so that exercising becomes part of your daily routine.

Why do I have no motivation to work out?

Perhaps, you are feeling tired, stressed, or just plain unmotivated. It is important to figure out what’s causing this lack of enthusiasm so that you can address the issue and get moving.

You could feel discouraged about exercising is because you believe it is difficult. Many people think exercising is difficult and useless, this mindset discourages your fitness journey and you cannot stay motivated.

How to get motivated to exercise

Create a friendly exercise plan

You need a to-do list to guide you and reduce difficulties with choosing activities and encourage exercise motivation.

Begin by setting realistic goals:

  • How frequently will you exercise?
  • What types of exercises are you going to do?
  • How long are the workouts going to last?
  • Are they during your lunch break, after work or in the morning before breakfast?

Do not overwhelm yourself with too many workout routines and plans that may cause stress. Start slowly by incorporating a physical activity that you enjoy doing.

If you stick to the plan, it will be easier to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals in a short amount of time.

Have exercise partners

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen found that having an exercise companion increases the amount of exercise you can complete. This number increases even more if your new partner is emotionally supportive.

Build a workout relationship with a person or more with similar goals for the motivation to exercise. When you have a partner, it is easier to commit and be consistent with your physical activity, they can influence your lifestyle change.

You need a partner that can provide support by being there for you when tempted to miss an exercise session, give exercise advice, help track progress and get you to put on your workout clothes.

Use technology and the internet wisely

Technology and internet benefits can motivate you to work out. Joining the online competition could be what you need to ditch that sedentary lifestyle for a more active lifestyle.

The use of technology should be based on what will work best for you. If social media platforms help keep you accountable, then use them, However, if it is not helpful, it is better to stick with the traditional life to get motivated. For instance, you could watch some trampoline workout videos from experts to put you in the mood.

Combining technology and the internet surge your workout routine, it also creates the platform for you to share and learn beneficial ideas from family, friends and co-workers.

Track and measure your exercise routine

Use some type of tracking app or device to measure how far, how long and how intense your physical activity is. Seeing data will help you set realistic goals, keep on track, push yourself harder and improve performance.

Apart from your looks in pictures or videos after working out, numbers motivate you to have regular exercise to lose weight.

Some of the best fitness gadgets reveal the level of your fitness journey, measure heart rate, and more. You can review your progress in the form of graphs and charts. Ensure to monitor your progress, including distance travelled, calories burned etc., to influence your habit.

See exercising as fun and healthful

When you see physical activity as something fun, healthful and necessary. When you unearth the fun about daily workouts, you will, for example:

  • Reduce possibilities of heart disease
  • Find it easier to maintain your workout routine
  • Discover ways to exercise without pressure
  • See working out as less of a chore and more like an opportunity to socialize and enjoy yourself
  • Admire your new body

Generally, people are more likely to stay motivated when they associate healthful habits with positive emotions and feelings. So, have a change in perspective about how you view physical activity and the benefits that come from it; this will help increase your chances of success.

Reward yourself for completing mini-goals

When you achieve mini-milestones or goals throughout your fitness journey, reward yourself with a small gift or treat. This should never be ongoing, as it could lead to binge eating and unhealthy choices.

What should be your reward possibilities?

  • New workout gear. Buy new workout gear that you have been eyeing for a while but couldn’t afford to buy on regular basis. Renting is also a great option especially if you are not sure how often you will use it. You can get yourself a folding trampoline or a water trampoline that keeps you in the workout mood 24/7. If you decide to treat yourself with a trampoline, learn here to set it up correctly.
  • Healthy food treats. Reward yourself with a portion of healthy food or treat that you have been craving after completing your workout routine, this must be in moderation and not too often to avoid weight gain. Avoid high sugar foods.

Consider how much time is reasonable for working out before rewarding yourself. Set small goals, perhaps 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week then reward yourself when you reach the milestone.

Bring in music and dance moves

Working out does not have to be boring; you can make it interesting by dancing to your favourite music or even incorporating martial arts.

Adding some dance moves to your routine is a great way to motivate yourself, you will naturally move along with the music and this makes you feel more energized, passionate about exercise and get you in the mood for workouts. Make sure your exercise playlist of music is regularly updated with new tunes.

Generally, being creative with your physical activity increases the likelihood of sticking with a workout routine. Dance sessions help to lose weight faster because they involve high energy aerobic movements that, although fun can be challenging.

Thomas Delauer explains how music works here:

Participate in fitness classes

Most people prefer attending fitness classes over working out alone because they are fun, motivating and challenging. You do not have to be fit or in good shape to hit the gym.

You also get to work with a professional trainer who will teach you to exercise the correct way, as well as how much weight you should use. You could learn new tips like how to professionally rebound. Ensure to buy a high-quality trampoline mat reliable for rebounding, a 10ft trampoline is not a bad idea for you

This is great for beginners because they can learn to work out properly without injuring themselves or using too many weights that could slow down their progress.

Perhaps, you should consider a personal trainer to help you stay on track and motivated.

Work out in the morning

Morning workouts are not only more energizing but also great for self-discipline because you have to wake up early and prepare yourself before leaving the house.

Most people say that they would prefer working out in the morning over evening exercises. Working out first thing in a day ensures better digestion of food consumed earlier thus eliminating excess fat; helps to control blood sugar levels and boosts your energy for the rest of the day.

Additionally, it sets a good tone for the day, you are productive and focused because you have completed your workout routine. Start your morning workout with a few mini trampoline workouts.

Start with walking

If you are not in the mood for exercise, start by walking. This is the easiest and regular exercise to get your body moving as a daily routine, it does not require any special equipment or clothing.

Start by adding an extra five minutes each day to your regular walk until you can cover the distance you desire comfortably then gradually increase

Go walking every morning or evening around the block; this will not only help you burn fat but also keep fit and healthy with no need of spending money on gym memberships.

Walking is a great exercise that improves your cardiovascular system and helps to lose weight faster. It also increases lifespan, lowers blood pressure, strengthens bones and joints and improves the overall health of an individual.

Eat healthily

Eating healthy foods can fuel your workout, gives you more energy, keep your metabolism going and build muscle.

Eating fruits and vegetables regularly not only makes you look good on the outside but also feel amazing on the inside; they are low in calories, high in fibre and have no saturated fat or cholesterol.

Healthy foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and they provide you with a lot of antioxidants that keep your body fighting off bad free radicals; these harmful substances can cause chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes mellitus type II and cancer.

Don’t say there is no time

There is always time to exercise, do not wait until a special event. It just takes a little planning, if you have to wake up earlier in the morning then get an alarm clock that allows you to set how many minutes or hours before waking that it will actually sound off.

Your will body will wake up and realise how much time has passed since setting the alarm for, it would be more likely to roll out of bed quickly.

If the evening is the only time you have, then break up your routine into 30-minute intervals and complete each interval at a different place in your house. That will make it less boring and more likely that you stick to it.

Perhaps, if you set your mind to learn a few tricks such as front-flipping, then you will find yourself making the time for it.

Final thoughts

Train your motivation like a muscle and remember that your past is different.

Some days, you will feel totally motivated, like you could run a marathon. But other days, you just want to skip exercises for your sofa. That is perfectly normal. Just make sure to find your perfect balance between sports and recovery.