Several trampoline workout videos can help you improve your fitness and ultimately improve your health. This blog will examine 5 of these workout videos with a brief description of what they contain.

  1. Beginners and Seniors 5 Minute Trampoline Rebounding Workout

The Beginners and Seniors 5 Minute Trampoline Rebounding Workout is an excellent YouTube video illustrating how to do a rebounding workout within 5 minutes with at least five moves. The video made by Earth and Owl with an instructor with 15+ years’ experience is an interesting one that you should check out. The instructor made use of a trampoline and a bar for support.

The video starts with the instructor stating that to get the best from the video, you have to ‘micro bend’ your knee, lightly hinge forward your waist, and tuck and tighten your tummy or core.

The first rebound style the instructor taught was the bounce, bouncing with your legs on a trampoline with your legs separated and holding the bar. The trampoline springs ease the bouncing and ensure it takes little effort to jump. The instructor instructs that you should make this move for a minute and then move to the next move.

The next move is called In and Out by the instructor and is done by bringing your feet together and separating them rhythmically. It would help if you repeated this movement for a minute.

Switches is the next move. It means taking one leg back while the other leg moves forward, then interchanging the position of the legs while bouncing on the trampoline. Repeat this for sixty seconds.

When you become comfortable with the trampoline and can move without falling, you can try to swing your hands. The swinging of the hands allows the heart to beat fast, thereby burning calories.

The next move is Twist. It means placing the legs together and swinging your hips while bouncing on the trampoline. After doing this for a minute, you can go to the last move.

The last move is called Scare; this entails jumping back and front with legs separate and moving simultaneously.

  1. A 5-minute Mini-trampoline Workout for Beginners

The trampoline workout video makes use of a mini-trampoline and a bar. Kids trampolines are mini-trampolines, and this video is an excellent exercise training for kids.

It starts with a warm-up to test the balance of the trampoline. You do this by bouncing on the trampoline. While warming up, you can try some crisscrossing, then twisting. The instructor notes that while doing this warm up, you are working on many body parts at the same time.

The next move the instructor does is to move the knees up toward the bar. A kids trampoline with a handle will be a perfect fit. The instructor asks that we do this for a timed period and then go back to the warm-up; this would improve our cardiovascular system.

Then the instructor shows an upper body workout, placing the hands on the trampoline while the downward body parts and legs are outside the trampoline. This position is similar to doing a push-up. But instead of going up and down with the chest, you only bounce on the trampoline using your hands.

While maintaining the same position, the instructor says we put our weight on our hands by lifting each of our legs, and then move into a traditional push-up.

The last move is the core exercise done by sitting on the trampoline and lifting our legs high while holding the edges of the trampoline (a rectangle trampoline is an excellent choice for this exercise), then moving the legs close to your chest. Lastly, you use your hands to move your head sideways while maintaining the same posture and activity.

This fun twist on regular exercises makes this a great workout video for the whole family.

  1. Cardio & Strength Rebounding Workout: BeFiT- Fayth Caruso

While bouncing on the trampoline, the instructor notes while warming up that regular exercise makes the body healthy. For the warm-up, the instructor starts by circularly moving the arms while bouncing on the trampoline. She also did some arm swings while bouncing and rhythmically aligned her swinging with her bouncing.

Fayth Caruso, the instructor, then did a bouncing shift by shifting the body’s weight while bouncing as if you are rocking a boat. The flow then transitions to a slightly more intense workout by separating the legs and bringing them together rhythmically.

Throughout the video, the instructor made many torso twists, squats, push-ups, sprints, etc., to burn calories by increasing the heartbeat. This workout works the spine, shoulders, arms, shins, hips, etc. The video altogether shows an exercise of most of the body parts.

  1. The Miracle Exercise – 14 Points of Rebounding

The video is not necessarily a workout, but it shows most of the moves that can be done on a trampoline, mainly to improve an individual’s health.

The first move is the health bounce which is done by separating the legs on the trampoline and bouncing. After some time, you can move to the health walk, which is basically a health bounce while swinging your hands.

Another move is the use of support bounce, which uses a bar to support the person bouncing.

There are other moves such as buddy bouncing and so on. There are also special moves to target some particular organs of the body. These movements will help improve these parts of the body, such as the spine, chest, cardiovascular, etc.

  1. Trampoline Workout- 15 Min Rebounder Dance Workout to J.Lo

This video is a workout cum dancing session as the goal was to move with the music’s rhythm. After a warm-up done outside the trampoline, the instructor moves to the trampoline. Then she starts by making a prayer symbol with her hands and bouncing on the trampoline. The instructor proceeds to a running stance while doing a 360 degree on the trampoline.

The instructor makes some other moves, such as twisting the hips while bouncing and the song playing. The workout done on this video is an intense one as the music dictating the rhythm of the training is an upbeat one. So, if you need intense training on the trampoline, this is the video to watch.

The video is 15-minute long with different moves and bounces flowing with the beat with the music. To achieve this rhythm and intense workout, you need a 10ft trampoline or a 12ft trampoline.