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It all started with a simple idea — create the largest information bank for trampolines!

We are a pair of trampoline enthusiasts who love to talk about trampolines, trampolines and more trampolines. There are so many types of trampolines, and we understand that getting the perfect one to suit your needs can be quite a hassle. So, we started this blog to provide all the trampoline hints, hacks, tips and tricks around all the different types to ensure that you have the perfect trampoline experience.

We also want you to get the best out of your trampolines, so we will show you how best to maintain them at all times of the year, even during winter when they are more susceptible to damage. So, whether the trampolines are for yourself or your kids, purely for fun or for more professional sports, our blog has every single thing you need to consider.

What is More Fun Than a Trampoline?

We are committed to showing the world the immense benefits of trampolines for adults and children alike and how great it is for not only physical development but one’s mental health as well.

Trampolines are such a convenient and enjoyable way to boost your cardiovascular health and improve endurance. Trampolines also help you develop better balance, coordination, and motor skills. They are also such a great stress and tension reliever — what better way to brighten up your day than to take a few fun bounces on the trampoline. Of course, the kids are not left out as well. Trampolines are a great way to boost energy levels, increase sensitivity, and just have fun.

Also, while trampolines can be scream-your-head-off fun, they can be incredibly dangerous if not used properly. Because children love trampolines, it is crucial to be sure that they are safe while they play and make sure that all risks are minimized. As such, our blog posts are tailored to ensure that your fun is uninterrupted by any unfortunate incident by providing all the safety tips you need, from getting the safest trampolines to safe jumping practices and protection from risks and injuries.

All in all, if you are looking for information on trampolines, our blog is a one-stop-shop with all the guidance you need. So bounce over to some of our featured articles and enjoy the most epic trampolining experience ever!

Our team

Sophie Chapman

Chief Editor

A trampolinist at heart, Sophie was a national trialist in the sport and had always had a dream of competing at the highest level. Admitting she feels more comfortable airborne than on the ground, her dream of teaching gymnastics and physical education couldn’t be realised due to constant injury but this hasn’t stopped her from expressing her passion in new ways. Sophie inundates us with trampolining tips and tricks to help you perfect your form. She also offers insight and reviews on various trampolines on the market, ensuring you make the right choice this summer.

Chris Robinson


Chris has always had a passion for fitness, and can often be found in the gym when he’s not at work. He once found himself a little bored of the same routine, and wanted to explore creative ways to work out. In truth, it was his kids persistence on getting a trampoline that got him, at the age of 36, into trampolining. Since he bought them their first trampoline, Chris hasn’t looked back. A frequent attendee at his local trampolining club in London, Chris now helps children get into trampolining as well as providing us with reviews on the very best trampolines on the market.

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