A 14ft trampoline is used for various recreational activities by young and adults alike. These recreational uses are extensive, and people often have a great deal of fun using the trampoline. However, that is not the end of the trampoline. They are also a piece of great practice equipment for gymnasts. They give gymnasts the platform to practice stunts that require heights and also provide a safe landing spot. One of the most common stunts is the front flip. In a few steps, you can learn how to do a front flip on a rectangle trampoline. This step-by-step guide makes it easy for you to do a frontflip on a trampoline, just ensure its not a mini trampoline for kids.

Tips before starting

The basic principle behind most stunts is the movement of the bones and joints. So, before you start the flip, make sure your joints are in the best condition. One way to achieve this is by stretching your joints. This involves the knee and ankle joints, as well as the elbow joints. A general stretch won’t hurt, so you can start with that. After stretching, you are ready to get into the process of doing a front flip.

How to do a frontflip on a trampoline

Practice the different components of the flip

A front flip is the combination of several moves. Therefore, the best way to start is to try these individual moves. So, you become familiar with the steps involved when you finally decide to do the stunt. Ensure you have a 14ft trampoline mat if doing a flip on a trampoline.

Start with a high jump

The high jump is the first step towards learning how to do a front flip on a trampoline. Jump high and bring your feet to land carefully on the trampoline. You should repeat this step until you can jump and land smoothly on the trampoline. This process is not an actual part of the flip, but it will help you get better at jumping and landing.

Next is a knee lift

How do you do the knee lift? This is done after jumping. Jump and then pull your knee towards your stomach. Then, you return your legs to their original position when coming back down. This will help you land steadily. Once you have mastered these steps, the next step involves doing the main flip. 

Doing a frontflip

A front flip requires some momentum to pull off. So, the first step is to run for a few steps. Since you are going to be doing the flip on an 8ft trampoline, it is best to get one without an enclosure for this step. You should run towards the trampoline and jump. 

If you are not going to run, to generate enough height, bend before the jump. Bending before the jump gives you the needed momentum for a very high jump. This can be done on a trampoline with an enclosure.

The jump should be in the form of a leap. Your body should lean forward a bit. Once you are about to take off on the trampoline, raise your arms to your shoulder length. 

Once you jump, when you are mid-air, push your butt back and up; this is the start of the spin. 

After pushing your butt to the back, you should raise your knee towards your stomach. As you raise the knee, it gives you a curved or tucked shape. It will also help you generate more spin. 

Use your arm to generate more spin

Once you are mid-air, your stretched arm should go to the back in a bid to gain more spin. The stretched arm should start from the front then go to the back. 

The next step is to fold your body to make it small and round. You achieve this by holding your legs just below the knees. Once you hold your legs, they give you a curve shape. You can throw your backside up while pushing your head forward and downward at the same time.

Once you’ve generated the flip and your legs are at the upper side, you want to release your legs from your hand gently. This is to help you get back into a landing position. 

Be careful not to leave the legs a little too late; you will find it difficult to land on your feet. If you leave the legs too early, it might not generate enough spin to complete the flip. With practice, you would get the perfect time to release your leg. 


The landing is quite like the opposite of the jumping step. As you release the legs, you begin to untuck yourself. This is done by straightening the legs as you land. Once you land, bend down a little. The bending would help you reduce the shock. Then your arm should return to its stretched position to maintain balance. 

You are landing on a trampoline, so the shock will be minimal. The trampoline would not only reduce the shock but give you enough momentum to jump again. 

It is left for you to decide if you want to repeat the process and flip again or you want to jump straight up and land gently on the trampoline.

There you have it; you have successfully learnt how to do a frontflip on a trampoline.


Stunts are easier to pull off when you are a kid. If you are an adult, you might want to be careful in doing the front flip as more weight means it’s harder to pull off the spin. 

For safety purposes, it is best to use a trampoline with an enclosure. This is especially useful if those practising the stunts are kids. It will prevent injuries sustained from landing off the trampoline.


The wide use of a trampoline is known throughout the world. It is a piece of great equipment for fun. Itcan also serve as a practice tool for professional and aspiring gymnasts. Now that you have learnt the steps involved in this, continue to practice. You would get better at every aspect of the front flip; jumping, spinning, and landing. You can also check out other articles to learn more about the trampoline.