Games are fun, and trampoline games are more fun. When you play a game on the trampoline, the satisfaction and enjoyment you derive from are higher than just playing it the regular way. The bottom line is that it’s more fun! This is because the extra spring when jumping on a trampoline makes you more alert and relaxed you play. Trampoline ball games are much more interesting than regular ball games.

You can play several games on the trampoline, from the rope game to the ball game to dancing competitions. However, in this blog, we are more concerned with the ball game. The ball games are essential as they improve motor skills, concentration, confidence, and social skills, align and coordinate hand-to-eye communication, among other things. These are some of the particular advantages of ball games. These advantages are distinct from the general benefits of games, such as fitness and improvement of physical health.

Playing ball games on the trampoline comes with its benefits and unique fun. We will examine and list some trampoline ball games and how to play them. It is important to note that there are some games you cannot play on the trampoline; an example is Football. You need a hard surface and not a springy one to play Football successfully.

These are some of the ball games that can be played and enjoyed on a trampoline:

  1. Poison Ball

Poison Ball is a game of evasion. It needs at least two persons to play the game. The players have to choose someone to be in the trampoline centre while other players will stay outside the trampoline and throw balls at the selected player. The chosen player must do all they can to avoid contact with the ball(s) as any contact would mean they have lost the game.

The selected player must remain within the trampoline jumping, dodging, rolling, and performing other acrobatics to avoid the touch of the ball(s). When the chosen player has lost, the player will select another person, and the game continues. The ball(s) is said to be the poison that the chosen player must avoid at all costs because a touch with the ball(s) will mean death.

  1. Bouncing Air Catch

Bouncing Air Catch is another interesting ball game played on the trampoline. It depends heavily on the spring of the trampoline to jump (fly) high, accurately, and timely. This jump is necessary and needed to catch the ball mid-air.

This game needs a ball and two or more persons as players. One of the players would be placed on the trampoline while the other(s) will be outside the trampoline to throw the ball up in the air. The player on the trampoline would time his bounce to fit in with the throw. He is to jump high in the air and catching the ball mid-air. A rectangle trampoline is perfect for this game.

There are some rules in this game. One, the ball must not touch the ground but must be caught mid-air. Two, there must be a jump aided by the trampoline’s spring to effect a high jump and assist the catching of the ball mid-air.

  1. Castle Attack

Castle Attack is a game of protectors and attackers, which is quite similar to chess as there is a King to protect on each side, though in the castle attack, the attackers attack only the King while the protectors defend him.

Castle Attack is also similar to the poison ball game as it involves evasion of the ball as such touch will mean the King’s death.

So, to fully enjoy this game, the players should be equally divided into two sides, with one of the sides staying on the trampoline while the other side stays outside the trampoline. We have the protectors and the attackers. The protectors will choose a King among themselves and would try to protect the King. The attackers will throw balls to the trampoline until it hits the King, leading to his death. The person whose ball hit the now deceased king becomes the new King, and the game begins all over again.

  1. Trampoline Dodgeball

Trampoline Dodgeball is another ball game that deals with evading the touch of the ball. This game is similar to the Poison ball game, but instead of only one person being on the trampoline platform, we have several persons on the platform and several persons outside the forum. The persons outside the trampoline would try to hit any of the persons on the trampoline with a ball; where this is successful, they would trade places and get the point. The first person to earn 10 points is the winner. You can upgrade the number of points for the winner to make the game longer and funnier. Trampoline Dodgeball is assuredly one of the best trampoline ball games.

  1. Cherry Bomb or Bombs Away

Cherry Bomb or Bombs Away is another game similar to the Poison ball but different as it gives each player five lives and does not lead to the immediate death of the players until the exhaustion of the five lives.

Cherry Bomb makes use of a giant ball being thrown by a person on the trampoline while shouting ‘Cherry Bomb’ or ‘Bombs Away, then the players try to avoid the ball. Anyone the ball touches lose a life out of five lives. Anyone who loses all five lives is considered dead and taken out of the game. The last person with a life or more is considered the winner. To ensure the game is quite interesting, a large trampoline such as the 14ft trampoline will be a great choice.

You can upgrade the game by having more than one ‘cherry bomb’ thrown simultaneously; this makes escaping the balls challenging but more fun.

  1. Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the middle is a fun ball game played with or without the trampoline. However, playing the game on the trampoline is more fun than without it. So, how is this game played?

At least you need three players for this game. Two players stay at opposite sides of the trampoline while the third player acts as the monkey. The monkey stays in the middle of the trampoline. The two players throw the ball over the monkey while the monkey tries to catch the ball by jumping as high as possible.

Whenever the monkey catches the ball, the last player who threw the ball would become the monkey, and the game continues.

  1. Falling Apples

This game is as interesting as the name. Falling Apples is a game that entails catching balls from the air with a basket or any other instrument. Here is how we play it: you need at least four or more players to play. Two of these players would stay in the middle of the trampoline while the others will sit at the trampoline’s edge. These two players in the middle are known as ‘catchers’; they will be equipped with a basket or an instrument to catch the balls. So, the players at the edge will throw the balls up in the air, and the catchers will try to get as many balls as possible. Where the catchers cannot catch any of the balls, the other players will pick them up and throw them in the air again. You repeat this until the catchers catch all the ball. The player with more balls is declared the winner. This game might be a bit likely to cause injuries, so it is best to play it on a berg trampoline.

  1. Trampoline Basketball

Basketball is a popular game that many people, both male, and female, are interested in. It uses one or two loops placed high in the court, with the players trying to get the ball through the loops as many times as possible. Trampoline Basketball is a fun game where you can score as many points as possible.

The trampoline basketball is more fun as it involves the spring in the trampoline, which helps the players to jump higher and score more points than the standard basketball.

  1. Trampoline Volleyball

Volleyball is a game of determination and grit as the players ensure that the ball does not hit the ground, and the same player must not touch the ball twice before passing it to the other side. This game is fun as you can play it for a lot of minutes with the players with the highest points gotten from the ball touching the groundless on their side of the court and passing the ball over to the other side without the same person handling it twice, more frequently than the opponent.

This game and its rules brought to trampoline volleyball, which only differs from the environment. You play volleyball on the trampoline. The players on opposite sides of the trampoline ensure the ball stays off the ground. Also, they make sure none of their players touch the ball twice before passing it to the other side. Four or more persons, passing the ball through the trampoline net, can play the game. A large trampoline such as a 14ft rectangle trampoline and its net such as the 14ft trampoline net make the game more fun.