The discovery of the trampoline was the discovery of an amazing source of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Jumping on a trampoline is such an exhilarating experience. The trampoline’s secret weapon — that extra spring and bounce to your jump — makes you feel like you’re flying. If you are an adult, we recommend getting an adult trampoline.

Because of the joy derived from a good bounce on the trampoline, people created several trampoline games for fitness purposes and just plain fun. These fun games have brought so much joy to kids and adults alike. To fully enjoy trampoline games, all the equipment needed, such as nets, balls, etc., should be available and in good working conditions.

You can play numerous games on the springy surface. These games vary in technicality and skills, and some are more likely to cause accidents than others so it is necessary to provide extra safety precautions for trampolines during any game to ensure that injuries are limited. Let us check out some of the most fun trampoline games we have.

1. Follow the Leader

Follow the leader is a game with several variations but has a central theme. All you have to do is take note of the previous skill done by the person preceding you and do the same skill and a different one altogether. You can play this game on the ground or other surfaces, but the thrill and spring of the trampoline make doing it on the trampoline much more fun.

Let us examine two of the variations: first one, the children line up on a side, and the first person steps up on the trampoline and does a skill, maybe a crouching, summersault, or any skill at all. The following person would do the same skill and do another of their own. The fun here is knowing how to do the move of the previous child and doing an additional skill. After doing this, the child goes to the back of the line and repeats. You remove anyone who fails to remember the last skill or properly perform a new move.

The second variation is similar to the first one as the children line up; the first person steps up to the trampoline and does a skill. However, instead of doing the same skill and another as the first variation, the next child would do a different skill from the one done previously. It would help if you had a bigger trampoline such as the 10ft trampoline or 14ft trampoline to avoid accidents and ensure full enjoyment.

2. Poison Ball

Poison Ball is an exciting game played between two or more persons. Poison Ball has several instructions; however, you need to choose a person as the evader to start the game. Also, there should be an availability of a ball or several balls. The fun does not have too many technicalities, but players must give much attention to it. So, how is the game played?

Apart from the evader, the other players would stay outside the trampoline. They would throw the ball into the air to hit the evader. The evader has the job of evading as many balls (poisons) as possible. Where any of the balls hit the evader, the game has come to an end. That is the end of the game because it means the evader died of poison.

Then another person becomes the evader, and the game continues. Poison Ball allows the evaders to stretch their body parts and burn as many calories as possible.

3. Cheery Bomb (Bombs Away)

The usual provision of the trampoline and the children’s availability also need a big softball such as a volleyball or beach ball. The game is fun as it involves evading the touch of the ball. A child would hold the ball and throw it in the air while shouting ‘Cherry bomb!’ or ‘Bombs away!’ Anyone the ball touches has one life deducted out of their five lives. After exhausting their five lives, they are considered dead. The child leaves the game.

The game can increase its tenacity by increasing the number of persons with the ‘cherry bomb,’ thus, making it harder for the players to avoid the balls.

This game is different from Poison ball because the number of lives differs, and in Poison ball, there is no chanting or anyone necessarily holding the ball.

4. Rock Paper Scissors

The original Rock Paper Scissors is an interesting guess game that allows a person to guess the other player’s choice among the hand symbols of Rock, Paper, or Scissors. This game continues until the player guessing gets the guess right.

The trampoline version is exciting and might even be more interesting than the original rock paper scissors because you can use every part of your body to symbolize the Rock, Paper, or scissors. You represent the Rock by crouching with knees to the chest on the trampoline. You indicate the Paper by stretching on the trampoline, and you symbolize the Scissors by sitting on the trampoline.

You can play this game with more than two persons at a time, and it is fun and exercised filled as it allows you to move and stretch several parts of the body.

5. Volleyball

With most of the basic guidelines of standard volleyball in place, this style of volleyball deals with some extra activities. The children, two on two sides of the trampoline, volleys the ball to the other side without letting them touch the ground without stopping their discontinuous jumps.

The children continue this by beating their previous high score without touching the ball twice, stopping jumping, or allowing the ball to touch the ground.

This game aids the children’s physical well-being as they continue jumping and exercising while playing the game, which loosens their muscles and makes them fit. A rectangle trampoline and trampoline net are the best fit for a volleyball game on a trampoline as they mimic perfectly the volley court and the net used in playing the standard volleyball.

6. Musical Bounce

Musical Bounce is a great game done on a trampoline as it merges the bouncing on the trampoline with the songs loved by the players. So, to play this game, get your trampoline ready, make sure it is as big as possible to accommodate the many players who may love to play the game, then get your playlist ready. It is excellent you get songs the players love and have listened to several times.

So, you allocate the players to their sections and instruct them not to leave the area while bouncing to the songs, leading to automatic disqualification. While this ensures orderliness in the game and provides the umpire to see each individual clearly, you avoid injuries or clashes between the players.

Then you play the first song for like twenty seconds, say Bounce, and switch the music. The last person to react and bounce to the rhythm of the next song disqualifies. To hasten the process of disqualification, you can reduce the playtime of each playlist.

This game would make the players react quickly to changes and act accordingly. It trains the mind and teaches the body how to respond quickly to changes.

7. Dead Man Rise

This game is another game of guesses. It is, however, different from the Rock Paper Scissors. It deals with the blindfolding of one of the players who stay on the trampoline while reciting the rhyme:

Dead man, dead man, come alive,

Come alive when I count to five.

One, two, three, four, five.

While this rhyme goes on and the countdown continues, the other players try to hide and avoid being caught or touched by the blindfolded players. The blindfolded players can move towards any of the directions on the trampoline to touch anyone. The person who gets touched becomes the dead man, and the game continues. A jumpking trampoline or a berg trampoline is best for this game as it ensures the safety of all the players, particularly the blindfolded players.

Another variation of the game includes blindfolding a player, but instead of touching the players, the players choose a name from the preselected terms of plants, and the blindfolded player guesses the nickname chosen by any of the players and the player.

For instance, Ben, Luke, and Nathan may plan to play this game, and Ben is blindfolded. The preselected names are Okra and Beans. Ben would try to guess which of Luke or Nathan is Okra. If he gets his guess right, then the assumed person would become the next dead man.

8. Bouncing Air Catch

Flying with the air rushing over your face is one of the best experiences you can ever have. It comes with so much joy that you would want to do it all over again. Well, using the trampoline, you might not be able to fly, but you would definitely come close. That is the Bouncing Air Catch. This game involves bouncing and catching a ball while in the air.

How does the game work? A player stays on the trampoline, and another player gets a ball, preferably a weightless softball, and throws it into the air with the other player on the trampoline trying to catch the ball mid-air. The person collects the ball by trying to time their bounce and ensure that it correlates with the ball being in the air.

After the player outside the trampoline has thrown the ball ten times, the players will record the number of times the player on the trampoline caught the ball mid-air, and the players will interchange their places. Then the new player on the trampoline would have the opportunity to collect the ball mid-air as many times as ten times. The player with the highest catch, mid-air, is said to be the winner within ten throws.

9. Birds in the Nest

This game is another exciting one done on the trampoline. It involves the use of the trampoline, some colored balls, and an environment to hide things.

One of the players has to begin the game by being the bird. The trampoline serves as the nest to collect the eggs (balls).

How is the game played? The balls are collected and separated according to colors. Each of the players, apart from the bird, is allocated one of the colors. Then, the players go to a secluded place without a view of what the bird is doing. The bird goes on and hides each of the balls or eggs in the environment close to the trampoline. After hiding them, the bird calls out ‘Go!’ which signals the beginning of the search.

The players search for the eggs, and as soon as they find them, they put them on the trampoline, which serves as the nest. After some time, the bird says: ‘To the Nest.’ It means that the search is over and then proceeds to count the number of each colored ball. After the count, the person with the highest number of balls is the winner and becomes the next bird.

10. Crack the Egg

This fun game deals with jumping on the trampoline to make the egg crack by spreading out. So, to enjoy this game, you need two to six persons. One of them will be the egg and sit in the middle of the trampoline. The person places his legs to the chest and as close-fitted as possible. The other players will continually jump on the trampoline until the egg cracks (that is, the player opens up their legs).

This game is fun as it takes determination both in the egg and the other players. The egg would want to ensure they do not crack no matter the intensity of the bouncing, while the other players would determine to jump as much as possible to make the egg crack.

To spice up the game, you can limit the time within which the egg must crack. The egg passing that time limit without cracking wins the game or earns a point. You should rotate the role of an egg within the players. Jumping is fun, and making others sweat to make you crack is also fun.