We’ve mined through the web and listed some of our favourite trampoline parks in the USA! Let us know some of your favourites or give Sophie an email with a recommendation.

In no particular order…

Knuckleheads Trampoline Parks

Knuckleheads Trampoline Parkis a trampoline park in the United States of America founded in 2003. There are 8 Knuckleheads park around the nation and New York City is one of them.

Our favourite is in Brooklyn, about 53km from John F. Kennedy Airport. It has two floors with a total area of 10,000 square feet (about 929 square meters). This park provides more than 100 kinds of trampolines for jumpers to play. You can play dodge ball game with your friends too.

The Factory Gadsdenis

The Factory Gadsdenis a trampoline park in the United States of America. A place meant to help you relax and have fun with your friends.

The park has two stories: the first one is where all the party rooms and offices are located and the second one (the big metal structure) would be where most of the attractions are found. I remember being so happy when they open it because it was a way of escaping the stress. It is affordable and fun for the whole family!

Sky Zone

Sky Zone, LLCis a trampoline park in the United States of America with parks in California, Arizona, Texas and most recently (March 25th) Filton near Bristol.

The business is aimed at adults, parents with children, groups of friends or anyone who just wants to have fun. It’s a place where you can work on your fitness by bounding off trampolines into the foam pit instead of doing sit ups or pushups on the floor.

The idea is that you can stay fit and active, watch your kids make new friends whilst having fun yourself. If you’re an experienced trampolinist (like me) there are competitions like skyslam or great courses like skyfit to enjoy.

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park Orange County is a trampoline park in the United States of America that embraces the sport of trampolining. They were looking to engage more people in their facility and pick up new customers.   We designed and built a website that would be easy for potential customers to understand and navigate around while also telling them what they can expect from the park.

Rockin’ Jump is an indoor recreational facility with wall-to-wall trampolines, dodgeball courts, and a state of the art rock climbing wall. Trampoline Park is the place to be if you are looking for things to do with kids or teenagers who want an active way to have fun.

Get Air Vista

Get Air Vista is a trampoline park in the United States of America. They now offer an interesting service to their clients: they wear Google Glass before jumping. The idea is that the video taken by the glasses will then be used to monitor safety conditions (the location of exits, life signs of jumpers etc).

The trampoline park in question is located in Austin, Texas. It’s much different than regular ones though because there you’ll find much larger areas than bars to jump on. The experience is more like playing in an enormous room where you can bounce off all the walls and ceiling rather than just bouncing on the ground.

Urban Air Park

Urban Air Adventure Parks is a trampoline park in the United States of America that welcomes everyone no matter their age or physical condition.  

Urban Air Adventure Park is the only Trampoline park in America that has a special program to help disabled children and adults experience their trampoline park. This program was created by Ian Gersh of Urban Air Waco who wanted to share the fun and excitement of what we do with people whose disabilities wouldn’t allow them to jump. The program is called “Special Moments”.

It’s a great way to experience trampoline park and it provides an opportunity for families, friends and even strangers to help support their special needs.

Bounce Trampoline Sports

Bounce Trampoline Sports is a trampoline park in the United States of America.  It is a corporation that currently has locations in Indiana, Florida and Texas. They opened their first location in the year 2011 with the primary goal of encouraging children to stay active and healthy through playing on their trampolines.

They offer a large variety of attractions for people of all ages to enjoy. This includes but is not limited to dodgeball, trampoline basketball, and even a foam pit for people to jump in. They also offer their customers party packages where they can rent out the park for events such as birthdays.

Krazy Air Trampoline Park

Krazy Air Trampoline Park is a trampoline park in the United States of America. They started it in Lafayette, Louisiana back in 2010. Now they are working on opening more parks here and there across the United States of America.

They were featured on ABC recently with all the fun trampolines they have to offer for us humans to jump around like little flying bunnies.  However, this isn’t just a place to jump around. They also have a little amusement park there for us to play in just outside of the trampolines. All kinds of slides and rides to keep all ages entertained.

Get Air Surf City

The baby was able to join Get Air just in time for its annual summer opening weekendGet Air Surf City is a trampoline park in the United States of America located in the heart of Surf City New Jersey. Get Air is a family-friendly entertainment centre that welcomes everyone from toddlers to adults who wish to get their adrenaline pumping by jumping, flipping and bouncing off trampolines while letting loose and having fun. 

The facility contains over 20,000 square feet of wall-to-wall spaces where jumpers can enjoy the sensation of flying.

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park Gilroy is a trampoline park in the United States of America run by the Amen family.   t is located in an old hardware store and was opened on August 1st 2014.

There’s a total of 15000 square feet of trampolines with varying sizes, shapes and colors all across the ground floor in which you can jump around on.

Also available for your entertainment are a dodgeball court, a full arcade with prizes and a cafe.

Next to the building is an outdoor adventure park with a high climbing wall, a three meter drop slide, an obstacle course and tunnel slides that end in a splash pool.

Xtreme Action Park

Xtreme Action Park is a trampoline park in the United Statesof America.   It was founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Lee Kelly and Amy Bryant. At the time, it was the only trampoline park in America that had a dedicated dodgeball area (Xtreme Dodgeball). The company grew slowly, adding only one additional location over the next five years.   In

2014, a revolution occurred in the dodgeball world when Xtreme Action Park began hosting competitive dodgeball tournaments. In that year alone, the park hosted over 50 tournaments across North America with players from 17 different countries competing at these events.

Launch Trampoline Park DORAL 

Launch Trampoline Park DORAL is a trampoline park in the United States of America owned by Robert “Bob” Lapierre. Launched in 2015, the park has now 3 locations around Miami area ( Doral , Kendall & Hollywood )

The Launch Trampoline Park is a proud member of USA Park Network. The network unites over 70 indoor parks across the United States with more than one million members and 550+ trampoline courts all united for the love of parkour.


Xdrenaline is a trampoline park in the United States, specifically located in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. The indoor facility comprises of a series of interconnected trampolines with padded cushions surrounding its walls and floors to avoid injury from falls or jumps. In addition to regular classes for any age group involving the bounce on the trampoline, many of their sessions include dodgeball matches or other competitive game variants.

The Rush Fun Park

The Rush Fun Park is a trampoline park in the United States of America, with locations in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Richmond and Maryland.  The Fun Park also offers an “open jump” or “freestyle jump”, where patrons are able to use the trampoline courts without the help of a coach.

A coach is required for those who wish to take part in a “flight school” class, which gives participants the chance to learn how to do flips.

As stated on the company website, “Our park is designed for jumping, dunking, flipping, and tricks!”

Jumping World

The park offers a family-friendly way for visitors to spend time together and bounce around.  The goal is to create an open, accessible place for play.

This is a place where memories are made and families can come together. 

The facility includes two jump areas with built-in trampolines that have been separated into smaller zones, as well as a dedicated area for those who want less bounciness. A flat zone spans the length of the space and encourages group activities like catch or double-dutch (jumping ropes). Riders can also grab an aerial bar to do tricks, like flips or spins.

This facility has been designed to meet the needs of many age groups from toddlers to adults and welcomes visitors who have a range of special needs including people with autism or Down syndrome.

House of Air

House of Air holds jumper clinics every week.  It is a chance for you to work on your tricks with coaching from the instructors.   They have bar boxes and shortboards available but feel free to bring your own gear if you prefer.   These clinics are designed for beginner through intermediate jumpers, however, we would recommend that any level of jumper should attend a clinic before trying out a class.

These clinics are for any level of jumper, however if it is your first time attending a clinic we recommend the intro to trampoline clinic.

Xtreme Air 

Xtreme Airis claims to be the first indoor trampoline park in America. In other words it is a place where people pay for the use of a room with as many wall to wall trampolines as there are people wanting to jump simultaneously, plus some other stuff like dodgeball and basketball arenas.

So, basically all the things you could do in a regular gym and more, but instead of exercising on machines to the sound of boring music you’re literally jumping and rebounding and maybe getting to land on other people if they’re not paying attention.


Highair Ground Trampoline Park opened in March 2013, with locations in Virginia Beach and Richmond. Highair offers more than 50 interconnected trampolines (bouncerific!) that cover more than 6,730 square feet (623 square meters). This makes it the largest indoor trampoline park in the state of Virginia.

The most popular attraction at Highair is the free-fall experience, in which park guests can jump from a height of 18 feet (5.5 meters) and fall to the trampoline below. Though scary at first, everyone I saw do it enjoyed the feeling of weightlessness and exhilaration upon landing on the bouncerific surface with their feet.

Billy Beez

Billy Beez venues provide a safe space for children and adults alike to enjoy trampolining. In fact, it has been reported that the venue staff at Billy Beez venues go out of their way to make sure all members of the public are having fun while staying safe. You can see what makes them different from other trampolines

According to their website , Billy Beez offers “the ultimate high energy experience”. Their venues are filled with thousands of interconnected trampolines, which allow the public to bounce and jump across them at their own pace.

There is a separate area for younger children, where they can go without having to worry about the older kids. Also, when you have finished bouncing all your energy out, you can sit down and take a break in one of the Billy Beez lounges

I-Trampoline Hawaii

The park is located in Kapolei, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It is believed to be the first trampoline park in Hawaii.

The park is 100,000 square feet and has a foam pit, padded walls and multiple trampoline courts for many types of jumpers. It also features an indoor café, lockers and daycare for kids so parents can work out while their children are entertained by the trained professionals at Kapolei Extreme Activity Park.

Kapolei Extreme Activity Park was opened by a group of local parents that wanted to have a place where their kids could play and they could work out at the same time.

iJump Trampoline Park

iJump Trampoline Park has over 100,000 square feet of trampolines, including a foam pit.   It is geared toward all ages and specializes in trampolining, fitness classes, private parties, babysitting services and ninja obstacle courses. Billed as the “first indoor trampoline park of its kind in Southern California,” it offers a variety of attractions for customers in an infinite jumping environment with flexible jump times to accommodate busy schedules.

It also hosts special events such as extreme dodgeball, glow in the dark jump sessions and even fitness classes.  iJump provides various Court sports including basketball and dodge ball tournaments throughout the week.

AirMaxx Trampoline Park

AirMaxx Trampoline Park is located in Edmond, Oklahoma. They opened up their latest addition to the park on July 14, 2016.  The newest addition is a laser tag arena.

The laser tag arena is 60,000 sq ft and currently holds about 200 people at once. 

It is about 26,000 sq ft larger than the largest black box theater in Oklahoma.

The laser tag arena was added in order to better serve people in north Oklahoma City and Edmond.

All participants are issued a packet of three lasers. The arena is so big that there are different teams, with their own separate bases. There are also two different zones inside the arena where you can be eliminated if you step on “

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is a trampoline park in the United State of America.  It’s located in Stamford, Connecticut. It’s 22,000 square meters big and it has 36 trampoline courts (a total of 432 springs!).

They also have a Battle Beam that’s 10 stories high and goes around the whole building!

They also have:

An arcade, batting cages, basketball & dodgeball courts, a climbing wall, several full-sized Wii stations, 2 battle beams, 3 dodge tracks (1 for little kids!), and two ninja warriors courses!

TopJump Trampoline Park

TopJump offers freestyle jumping, dodgeball games, slam dunk basketball, a foam pit and ninja warrior courses. The facility caters to all ages from toddlers to teens and adults. There are over 20 different pieces of equipment and it is clean and safe for all ages.

TopJump is an indoor ropes course that opened this past January in the former Party City building on the corner of Walton Blvd and New Circle Road in Lexington, KY. The business has been open for just short of a year and already they have more than 11,000 active members who come to TopJump an average of three times a week.

Hangar Trampoline Park

Hangar Trampoline Parks is also known as a bouncy funhouse, a jump around arena and a Jumper’s playground.  It’s a place where kids and adults can just have fun bouncing from one trampoline to the other with an array of obstacles here and there. In most cases, it is a play area that consists of closed quarters with walls made up of vinyl-covered materials, permeable mesh or netting, they are usually 2 to 2.5 meters high and they’re all over the place.

High Sky Sport

Sky High Sports have locations in Emeryville, California and Los Angeles, California.

They offer open jump times (for birthday parties or just for fun), special themed events like Glow Nights, and even corporate team building activities.

Sky High Sports is perfect for hosting kids parties, adult nights out, school groups, corporate team building events at your office location, children’s holiday celebrations (Christmas) and other festive occasions. This trampoline park is a top pick for active birthday parties.

Big Air Trampoline Park

Big Air Trampoline Park is a trampoline park in the United State of America . It is located in Lakewood, Colorado. According to their website, “Big Air offers the best trampolines you’ll find anywhere on the planet!”

Their website also advertises “Birthday Parties, Trampoline Dodgeball and Open Jump”. The park is free to use for children under the age of three. Children aged three and older and everyone else pay a fee to use the trampolines.

Pump It Up/BounceU

These parks are family-friendly with entertainment options for children of all ages. Since the parks are located in public places, minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult to play.  More information can be found on the websites for each park.

Pump It Up is the first Trampoline Park franchise in America. They have over 50 locations worldwide and are now opening their first park in South Africa, where they will be contracted to run the indoor trampoline facilities for 10 years.

Flying Squirrel Sport

Flying Squirrel Sports is the first of its kind in New York City. 

Flying Squirrel Sports is for anyone who wants to do something different, go somewhere new, experience something exciting, or just want to have fun!

The sport has grown rapidly in popularity, and it’s not just for the young adults – Anyone can try out this sport – Kids as young as 5 years old can fly, and having seen some of them jump, we can tell you they do so with great enthusiasm. Besides children and adults, older people also come to have fun, and many of them have made a mark in the world of trampolining.

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park is a trampoline park in the United State of America.  They offer trampoline dodgeball, which is played in a 32’x32′ court surrounded by 22′ high walls.  The game is played 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4. The object of the game is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by getting them out (out means touching the floor on anything other than a trampoline bed).

Trampoline dodgeball is played with a soft rubber ball, which makes it possible to throw the ball at other players without hurting them.  The rules are similar to other leagues around the country, but it is unique in that only one person jumps at a time.

Altitude Trampoline Park also offers trampolining, dodgeball, jump sessions, fitness classes and birthday parties.

Rebounderz Rohnert Park

Rebounderz Rohnert Park sure does sound interesting for a lot of people. But don’t be fooled by the name. Rebounderz Rohnert Park has more to offer than just trampolines, so read on before you decide that this is your next destination in Sonoma County if you’re looking for something that will bring the family together and have fun!

Rebounderz Rohnert Park is the first and only trampoline park in Sonoma County, California. (That we know of!) It’s a wonderful place to bring the kids for an afternoon of family-friendly entertainment.

The Matrix Gym

The gym opened many years ago but it has only recently become popular, to an extent where there would be waiting lines in order to have a go in the trampoline park.

The main reason why this trampoline park became so popular so quickly was due to the fact that it offered much more than just bouncing. It has all the attractions that you would expect in a conventional gym, like weight benches and exercise bikes, but also other features such as rock climbing walls and dodge ball rooms.

Bounce Trampoline Sport

Bounce Trampoline Sports currently have fourteen locations in eight different states, including one location in the state of  Kansas. 

Bounce Trampoline Sports also offers birthday party packages that include jump time for your child’s guests, a party host to assist with the festivities, invitations and thank you notes, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, cups and drinks for all of your guests. Bounce Trampoline Sports also provides catering at their Kansas location.

Altitude Trampoline Parks

The park benefits from being in a growing industry, there are no real competitors in this market and the only competition that is faced is from other trampoline activities such as backyard trampolines or local gymnastic gyms.  This is something that has helped the industry grow exponentially. 

The trampoline park industry is also heavily marketable to the millennial generation. The majority of this demographic has expressed interest in engaging in more extreme sports or adventurous activities. Altitude Trampoline Park can definitely market itself as an exciting experience for this crowd, possibly by offering incentives such as the free entry on the user’s birthday.

Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center Inc

Central Coast Gymnastics Sports Center Inc. is the first trampoline park in America to offer a Certified Olympic Foam Pit. The pit, a place where athletes can practice manoeuvres without the risk of injury from falling on it, has been used for over 15 years by professionals in the trampoline world. 

The Foam Pit is not used in most training centers because of the cost and installation time, with most fitness centers using their foam mats. They were able to reduce these costs by purchasing a large pit that does not need to be installed into the flooring with bolts, but instead is lifted onto our steel frame.

Flippin’ Family Fun

The company is the largest and most successful trampoline park franchise in America and has locations across the country. Flippin’ Family Fun has an extreme safety policy and each location provides a wide range of activities such as dodgeball, circus acrobatics, cheerleading, gymnastic power tumbling, dance, martial arts and more!

Altitude Trampoline Parks

Altitude Park is a three-story trampoline park for both adults and children to enjoy some healthy fun inside their innovative arena. They offer over 50,000 square feet of integrated trampolines as well as many other attractions such as the Foam Zone, Dodgeball Zone, Slam Dunk Lanes and much more.

Altitude Trampoline Park started in 2013 and has been open to the public since it opened its doors.

Air U Trampoline Park

Air U Trampoline Parkis a trampoline park in the United State of America. It’s an indoor park where people of all ages can come and have fun by jumping on the trampolines.

They aim to provide a fun and safe environment for your children to jump around, do flips and have a blast with their friends. We’ll be hosting special events such as birthday parties, school trips, sleepovers and more!

Rare Air Trampoline Park

The trampoline park is the first of its kind in North Carolina and features more than 70 interconnected trampolines, a large dodgeball arena, slam dunk basketball court and open jump. The idea for creating a trampoline park was conceived while working with Multi-Athletic Training during college. 

At this time we were designing training programs for athletes and realized that the area lacked a place for people of all ages to go and enjoy themselves. We also wanted to create a place that provided a way for different types of groups from families, churches, schools or other organizations could come together and have fun doing something simple. 

Get Air Syracuse

The facility features large trampolines, dodge ball courts and a foam pit.  The facility also features indoor rock climbing, arcade games and other entertainment.

Get Air is located at the Box Factory. The building originally housed a box factory but was converted into the Get Air facility. The building features 35,000 square feet of trampolines, dodgeball courts and other entertainment options.

Fly High Indoor Trampoline Park

The trampoline park has an area of 30 000 ft2 and currently employs about 100 employees. This year Fly High opened its second location which is placed in Anchorage Alaska. With the season of spring just around the corner, this is the perfect time to visit this fun indoor trampoline park.

The park has two rooms: the first is for “rebounding only” and the other one offers lots of different activities like dodgeball, basketball court, foam pits, battle beams and even ninja warrior courses!

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park is a trampoline park in the United States of America. It is said to be the first of its kind, focusing on high-energy entertainment.

The company is “dedicated to providing an environment that encourages healthy, active lifestyles. Our goal is to create a safe and clean facility where people can play hard, work up a sweat, relieve stress, and have fun.”

Backyard Fun

Backyard Fun’s slogan is “FUN for all AGES” according to thetrampolinepark.com which is their official website. Backyard Fun also has a variety of different activities such as jump time, glow jump, open bounce, and much more. Backyard Fun is an alternative for bored teenagers who do not have anything to do at home during the day or night.

Flight Adventure Park

Flight Adventure Parkis a trampoline park in the United State of America, more specifically in Illinois. The park is owned by a family and was built for people who enjoy jumping on trampolines. 

However, the area is not only limited to bouncing – there are obstacles courses where visitors can jump around, dodge flying objects or even roll into containers of foam cubes. There’s also an hourly open play session with all the trampolines to yourself. The park originally opened in 2004 under the name TrampoLInes Over Illinois, but was later changed to its current title because Adventure sounded “less commercial.”

Cool Springz

Cool Springz is said to be the best place in the entire town for jumping fun. Many of its customers love it because when you jump at Cool Springz Trampoline Park, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. There are a lot of trampolines in a large space and a trampoline park is where you can play a lot of sports while jumping.

Trampoline Park is a great place for children and grown-ups to enjoy together as a family. It’s not only fun but very healthy for all ages. For those interested in trying trampolin park, Cool Springz Trampoline Park has special hours of cool deals on several days throughout


This park is aimed to give an outstanding real-life experience for those who love playing games that require speed and accuracy. Soon, it will be opening its door for those who prefer to play video games!

Surfing in a video game with 8 players, jumping from trampoline to trampoline and fighting all around its arenas is what you can experience with FLIPnOUT Xtreme. It has been set up as an amusement center where people of different age groups can play games to get rid of boredom amidst their hectic schedules.


AirFX Trampoline Park first opened up in 2012. The park first opened its doors to the public at their location inside of Southlake Mall, which is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The business only intended on keeping their trampoline park open for one year but after it proved to be a success; AirFX decided to keep the trampoline park open permanently.

The concept of AirFX is to help people blow off some steam. Many adults use trampolines as a way to let loose and have fun, which should be the idea behind every trampoline park, but isn’t always executed properly.

Xtreme Energy

Xtreme Energy is a trampoline park in the United States of America . Although this company is relatively young, they have quickly grown and today there are already 5 trampoline parks in the United States. Competing with well-known brands such as: Sky Zone , Epic Air and BounceU .

Xtreme Energy is a concept that was originally created by three friends, from which one of them is still CEO today. This is John Harr (Founder – CEO) and he has been the driving force behind all of Xtreme Energy trampoline parks. “I always thought there was a need for such an entertainment concept, because it gives people happiness and makes them forget about their problems” says John Harr .