A rectangle trampoline is used for a number of purposes. While the fun and amusement aspects are well known throughout different households, a trampoline is also used as part of an exercise regimen. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises that include jumping, bouncing, and the likes are some of the regimen that you can perform on a trampoline. Pregnancy is a period when people tend to do light exercises to keep fit and active. However, the question is, “can you trampoline when pregnant?” Many people wonder if this is safe and possible. Well, this article would take you through all you need to know about pregnancy and trampoline.

The different stages of pregnancy

There are three different stages of pregnancy based on the age of the foetus growing inside. We have

  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester

There are major differences at each stage of pregnancy. Let’s take a look at the general changes during pregnancy.

Changes during Pregnancy

The first thing you need to understand about pregnancy is the changes that occur in this period. Hormonal changes are the major factor that affects a woman during pregnancy. Research shows that these changes affect your orientation and balance. Dizziness and feelings of nausea are also common around this period.

One example of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy is the increase in prolactin. This increase affects your movements and causes you to lose balance when walking. This could also affect you while on the trampoline.

Generally, this is not a good time to go trampolining as one could easily lose balance and end up injured. However, there are three different stages of pregnancy. You can engage in different activities at each stage. So, let’s take a look at the different stages

The first trimester

The first trimester is a period when the body is more or less the same. The body at this stage is more or less the same, so you feel very active. A little bit of exercise is advisable at this stage, but you want to be careful that you do not engage in rigorous exercise. Why? This is a stage of early development. The foetus is prone to mechanical accidents at this period, and any serious injury and damage can lead to birth defects. So, if you want to use a 8ft trampoline during this stage of pregnancy, small movements should be enough. You may want to consider using a kids trampoline.

So, what are the benefits of trampolining moderately during the first trimester? They include:

Circulation of blood

The slight movements that occur within the body helps with blood circulation. When blood is circulated adequately around the body, both the mother and the baby will benefit. Adequate blood circulation means that nutrients are transported to the baby from the mother. This would help with the crucial growth at this period.

Joints movement

The slight movements can help keep your joints active and free. This will keep you active throughout the pregnancy. Both the joints and the muscles derive benefits from moderate trampolining.

Reduces blood pressure

The moderate use of a 10ft trampoline (or mini kids trampoline) would increase your body activities. This could serve as a mood lifter and help reduce blood pressure. Staying active using the trampoline at this stage helps you maintain your health.

So, you can go ahead and engage in slight movements on the trampoline at this stage. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor for clarification and approval before you use the trampoline. Ensure you have a trampoline net for safety if you do.

The second and third trimester

The baby is growing rapidly at this period and is in position in its fluid. Therefore, any dangerous or rigorous movement can affect the baby in the fluid. Birth complications can develop if one is not careful. So, you want to stay away from trampolining during this period. It is not only dangerous to your health and the baby’s; it also serves no purpose at this point to engage in sudden and rigorous movements.

How is the baby affected?

The baby during this stage is firmly established in position. It is also connected to the mother through the placenta. The placenta provides nutrients from the mother to the baby. It also serves as a medium of exchange between baby and mother. Sudden movement at this period can damage the placenta. The baby can also sustain injuries as a result of sudden movements.

What can you do?

How do you engage in exercise that is safe during the different stages of pregnancy?

Remain active

This is perhaps the easiest way to engage yourself at this period. True, your body needs a bit of movement at this stage. Sometimes, engaging in simple daily activities could be all you need. Movements from here to there would help. You can also engage in occasional pacing.

Simple and light exercises

Simple exercise regimens that include the use of dumbbells would also help at this period. They are enough to work your joints and muscles. So, avoid rigorous or extreme movements and focus on small and moderate exercises.

Trampoline and miscarriages

People wonder if the use of a 10ft rectangle trampoline can lead to having miscarriages during pregnancy. Well, it is safe to say that this is unlikely. Miscarriages are often caused by traumas. These traumas are most likely caused by stress. This could be emotional or physical stress. So, it is rare for one to experience miscarriage as a result of trampolining.

However, if serious injuries are sustained when trampolining. They may cause miscarriage, but that would be as a result of the injuries and not the exercises.

What to do if an accident happens?

If you sustain injuries or experience sudden falls during the course of trampolining, it is best to consult your doctor. This should be done immediately and as soon as possible. The doctor would do the necessary tests to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy.


The trampoline is a great place to have fun. It is also a place where you can engage in different exercises. However, can you trampoline when pregnant? This article has shown that while it is generally unsafe, moderate movement on the trampoline can help. Trampolining is only beneficial if done moderately and at the right time. You can check out more about trampoline in our other posts.