An 8ft trampoline is one great source of amusement for kids. Though a kids trampoline is best for kids, adults can also have fun with it while engaging in competitive sports. This fun and amusement are best enjoyed when the trampoline is kept in the best condition. The good news is that there are various ways to maintain the integrity of the trampoline. One is by cleaning it regularly. In a few simple steps, you can learn how to clean a Trampoline. 

With the right tool and knowledge, cleaning a 14ft trampoline is quite easier than you can imagine. For proper maintenance, you should also learn how to clean a trampoline net and other important parts. This article takes you through the steps involved in cleaning a trampoline.

What do you need to clean a trampoline?

To make cleaning easier, here are some tools that you need to have

  • Clean source of water
  • Mild scrubbing brush
  • Soapy solution
  • A dustbin
  • A long broom
  • Long, dry towels

How to clean a trampoline

Now that we have what we need, let us get to the simple steps involved in cleaning

  • Remove the trampoline net

It is necessary to remove the net surrounding the trampoline mat. This is to help clean the mat effectively without disturbance. Furthermore, if you are planning to clean the net, you should remove it before cleaning. If your trampoline does not have a safety net, no worries. Move on to the next step.

  • Sweep the mat thoroughly

The next step is to sweep the mat properly. It has been shown that the best method on how to clean a trampoline mat is to start from the middle. Sweep it to the edges neatly and pack off the debris.

If cleaning is during winter, you should pack off the snow using a shovel before sweeping the remnants.

  • Wipe off and soak with clean water

Before using your soapy solution, it is advisable to clean the mat with clean water. Wiping gently with water helps to get the mat ready for proper cleaning. After wiping, add more water to soak the mat.

  • Add the soapy solution

Once the mat is properly soaked, the next thing is to add the soapy solution. It is important to note that the soapy solution should be mild. Do not use bleach or any other concentrated product. In fact, a simple dishwasher would do just fine. Your soapy water should be a bit warm for a better result. 

  • Gently Scrub the mat

Remember that the mat is made of fine, smooth fabric. So, you want to be careful when scrubbing. Firm enough with your grip to get the dirt out, but not too firm, so you don’t ruin the fabric. This is one of the major reasons why soaking the mat is important.

  • Rinse the soap solution

Use clean water for this next step. You should use a lot of water and rinse the soap multiple times. Why? The leftover solution can affect the nature of the fabric if left for long. Hence, it is good to rinse the mat several times. 

  • Clean with a dry towel

After rinsing, get a clean dry towel and clean the surface of the mat. Do this thoroughly to every part of the mat. After that, leave the mat under the sun for proper drying or use a dryer where there is no sun. This step is important in maintaining the mat and you should not skip it.

How to clean a trampoline enclosure

The enclosure is needed for safety, especially if the trampoline is primarily for kids. The enclosure often attracts dust and other tiny particles. Therefore, it is part of maintenance to clean the enclosure net. The steps on how to clean a trampoline enclosure are quite similar to the mat, with few exceptions. So, let’s get to it. 

For simple cleaning, remove the enclosure from the mat. Dust off the enclosure mat using a broom, and make sure to remove any dirt attached to the net. Next, wash the enclosure using soap and water. Rinse and dry off before attaching it to the mat. 

In cases of mud or lichen, you should find a water source with a pressured point like those used in washing cars. Using this, apply pressured water to the surface of the net and wash thoroughly. Mud and lichen appear mostly in a wet environment.

Cleaning other parts

To properly learn how to clean a trampoline, some other parts need your attention. One major part that also needs cleaning is the trampoline springs. So, how do you clean the springs?

It is important to keep the springs clean and dry to avoid rust. Wash the spring with soap and a brush. You might want to brush harder when washing the springs. You should also use anti-rust solutions if you notice rust in the spring. 

Safety tips 

It is good when you learn how to clean a JumpKing trampoline properly. These steps should be repeated regularly depending on the frequency of use. Besides, proper maintenance tips would help keep the trampoline good for long. You should also follow these safety tips to help keep your trampoline neat and in good condition.

  • If the trampoline is outdoor, it is best to keep it in a dry environment. 
  • Find a way to reduce the amount of dirt and waste that gets into the trampoline. This means you should avoid placing it under a tree.
  • If the trampoline is not used for a while, cover the top.
  • Keep away sharp objects from the trampoline. Only safe toys should be allowed on the trampoline.


Who doesn’t want to have the safest of fun on a trampoline? Now that you have learnt how to clean a trampoline, you should go ahead and follow those steps. If you notice that the sole of the feet turns black after playing, it means that the mat is getting old. This means you might need to replace the mat or wash it properly. To get more from the use of your trampoline, check out some of our other guides on how to use and maintain a trampoline.