It is great when you keep your 10ft trampoline in great condition. You can continue to use it for different purposes when you maintain the integrity of the different parts. However, sometimes you need some parts of the trampoline. The common parts that need a replacement include the mat in cases of a tear. The springs, and some other parts too might need replacement. To get the right size when replacing the part, you need to learn how to measure a trampoline. Accurate measurement would help you to get the right fit for replacement. The type would determine the steps you take. This article will discuss how to measure a trampoline, including a 14ft trampoline, the different parts and designs.

What do you need for measurement?

What you need basically for measuring the different parts is a meter rule or a tape rule. Measuring is best done by two persons, so you might want to get somebody to join you. You should know that most measurement units are in “feet.”

The common types of trampoline

The type of trampoline determines the method used and the number of values you need to measure. The two major types of trampoline are circular trampoline and rectangular trampoline. Diameter is the measurement index for circular types. On the other hand, you need the length and breadth of the rectangular types.

Trampoline measurement

Measure the frame

The frame is the first place to start in your measurement. It is quite easy and straightforward.

For circular trampoline

How do you measure the diameter? Take the length from one point to the end of the exact opposite point. The meter rule should pass through the middle of the mat. Some mats have a logo or design in the middle, making it easier to know the middle. It is better to take two different measurements from two different opposing sides. Take more than one measurement, and compare the figures. This will help you get a more accurate result.

For rectangular trampoline

This type has four sides. Two sides face each other, and the other two shorter sides face each other. Pick one of the short and long sides. That means you have two sides to measure. Make sure your measurement is from edge to edge.

The step above is repeated for the adjacent side. It is that simple. You should have two different lengths. The two lengths indicate the size of the frame. An example of a rectangular trampoline measurement is 12ft x 8ft. These can also include indoor trampolines for kids.

How to measure a trampoline mat

For the trampoline mat, you need to take the steps used for the frame. This depends on the type of mat, either circular or rectangular. The only difference is that your measurement will not start from the frame but the mat’s edge. One way to get an accurate figure is to repeat the process and take an average of your readings.

How to measure the paddings

The padding or the spring cover is the next part that you should be measured.

For circular paddings

Circular paddings are very easy to measure. What you need is the bigger diameter and the smaller diameter. The bigger diameter is often the same as the diameter of the frame. Measure the outer edge of the padding from one side to the other. Pass the tape rule through the middle to get an accurate diameter.

The smaller diameter is quite easier to measure. Take the length from the outer edge of the padding to the inner edge of the padding. This is the smaller diameter.

For rectangular padding

This process is different and a bit complicated. You need to measure it carefully. Measure the outer length of the two adjacent sides. To measure the smaller length, start from the outer edge of the padding to the inner edge. The inner length should be the same from all sides. This may be different for a kids trampoline.


The springs are the next part that you need to measure accurately. Here are a few things to note. The springs should be measured in their relaxed state. This means that you should not have any weight on the mat when measuring the springs. The springs should not be stretched in any way. If you have springs that are stretched by default due to use, find the unstretched ones.

Take the length from one straight end to the other. Do not measure the curved part on either side. Measure from the edge before the curve and to the other side.

After measuring the springs, the next step is to count the number of springs. This will help you to know how many you need if you are replacing them all. Like you did for the other parts of the equipment, measure more than one spring for accurate length.

How to measure a trampoline net.

The process is easy when measuring the trampoline net. There is no need to take the whole length of the net. You can measure the net from one of the enclosure poles to the others. Next, count the number of poles and multiply the number of poles with the length of the net.

How to measure the enclosure rod

Most of the rod designs always fit into a hole on the frame of the trampoline. If this is the type you have, measure the rod from the edge of the top to the other end that enters the hole. You should do the same for other types.


There are many reasons why you need to learn how to measure a trampoline. It would be useful if you need to replace any worn out parts. You should know that it is better to measure the different parts when they are still complete. It makes it easier to get a replacement, especially when you lose the part in storage. Now that you know how to measure the parts, go ahead and replace the necessary ones. You can also learn more about trampoline and their uses from our other articles