Rebounding or rebound exercises are forms of low-impact aerobic exercises commonly performed on a rebounder or kids trampoline. This form of exercise is an enjoyable means of keeping fit.

Rebound workouts can help you lose weight fast, boost your immunity, build bone mass density, enhances your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. All of these benefits you can enjoy from at least 10 minutes of rebound exercise daily. They do tend to work best on an exercise trampoline or an indoor trampoline, ideal for the weather we tend to get here in the UK.

Read on to see the best five exercises you can perform on our mini trampoline

Types of Rebound Exercise

There are mainly three levels or degrees of the intensity you can achieve on a rebounder.

  • Health or fitness bounce

Health bounce involves soft rocking motion or bounces with the feet not lifted off the mini-trampoline . A rebounder with handle handle bar is more appropriate if you find it challenging to balance on your feet.

  • Aerobic or cardio rebounding

Aerobic rebounding requires animated bouncing on the rebounder that is hard enough to spike the heart rate and increase the body’s need for oxygen . Examples of such include dancing, jogging, twisting, etc

  • Strength or resistance rebounding

Strength rebounding requires bouncing higher with both feet off the ground. Resistance rebounding exercises are suitable for those who are already at comfortable with health and aerobic bouncing. High intensity workout with power lifting on the trampoline may be challenging for beginners.

These exercises are effective in toning the muscles.

Getting started

  • Wear comfortable clothing for rebound exercise. A firm sports bra makes the activity more comfortable.
  • While it is preferable that you work with bare feet on the trampoline, wear comfortable shoes if the surface of the trampoline mat is slippery
  • Warm-up before your workout and cool down after. Warming up allows you to loosen your joints to avoid soreness and injury. Cooling down after your exercise calms your heart and normalizes your blood pressure. You can warm up with gentle bounces and cool down with light stretches and shoulder rolls.
  •  Also, spend a small amount of time on each workout at the initial stage of exercising then, when your fitness level has increased you can gradually add more time and speed.
  • Getting on the trampoline immediately after eating can cause is recommended that you wait for a few hours after a large meal before starting your workout
  • The quality of your mini trampoline and the type of activities you do with it can limit the risk of injury. make sure the quality of your trampoline is top-notch.

Top 5 Rebound Exercises

 A good workout routine should help you achieve your fitness goal and should be interesting enough for you to be able to commit to it. The best five rebound exercises are highlighted below:

1. Jogging

This is similar to normal jogging on the spot but a mini trampoline instead of a hard floor. Holding your balance as you jog might be more difficult than you think because the surface of your rebounder is not stable. Engage your core muscles and be careful with how you are turning your feet and knees.


  • Stand upright with your feet lightly apart.
  • Bend your arm from the elbow and raise your legs.
  • Lift your left arm and your right knee at the same time. Do the same for your right arms.
  • Raise your knees and lift your arms as high as it is comfortable for you.
  • To make your workout more intense, you can increase your speed while holding weights and let your heels touch your butt.

Benefits of jogging on a jogging

This low impact exercise is gentle on the joints and is a full body workout. It helps to burn calories fast so it is efficient for weight loss.

2. Jumping jacks

Another name for jumping jack is star jump. The diameter of your trampoline and the length of your leg might affect how well you can execute this rebound exercise.

Children can enjoy performing jumping jacks on the indoor trampoline for kids. Interestingly, this exercise is named after the jumping jack children’s toy, which makes similar arm swing and leg outspread motions when the cords are pulled


  •       Start by standing upright on the trampoline.
  •       Keep your arms close to your sides and jump up.
  •       While in the air, raise your arms above your head and clap with  your feet spread apart.
  •      Return your feet and arms back to your starting position when you land.
  •       Another option is to  bend your upper body forward a little at the start of the jump or even squatting to do power jacks.

     Benefits of jumping jack

It is a wonderful exercise for weight loss. It helps you to maintain strong bones hence prevents bone disorders like osteoporosis

3. High knee punches

This routine can help you bounce and punch the pounds away. High knee punches is a combination of cardio kickboxing and rebound exercise. It is an effective cardio workout. You can do this on a 14ft trampoline too.


  • Start by Jogging on the spot on the trampoline.
  • Let your knees be as close to your chest as comfortably possible.
  • Clench your hands into a fist, and bring them close to your chin.
  •  Punch with your left fist while lifting your right knee.
  •  Do the same with your right fist and left knee.
  • Increase the intensity of your workout by lifting your knees higher and increasing your pace

Benefits of high knee punches

This exercise is effective as a cardio workout. It works major muscles like the core of the legs, shoulders, and arms. Kids and seniors can participate in high knee punches because it has little jolt on the joints and bones.

4. Tuck jump

This exercise is close to a straight jump but you are required to tuck your knee at the peak of the jump. you can perform this exercise on a rebounder and rectangle trampoline.


  • Stand at the centre of the trampoline.
  • Bend your knees and push up lightly with your toes.
  • Try to reach a  good balance on straight jump
  • You can gain height by touching down with your feet and pushing deeper into the trampoline.
  • When you reach the apex of the jump, pull your knees to your chest and hold your legs with your arms
  • Allow your toes point downwards.
  • Keep your legs and arms straight as you are landing.
  • Aim to land as softly as possible on the trampoline

Benefits of tuck jump

This rebound exercise helps to improve strength and endurance. It is a good exercise for fast weight loss.

5. Seated bounce

This rebounding exercise allows you to train your core muscles while sitting. It is suitable for people with limited mobility.


  • Sit in the centre of the trampoline with your feet flat on the ground.
  • Then uplift yourself with your thighs and start bouncing.
  • Build up the intensity of your exercise by raising one or both legs from the floor as you are bouncing.
  • Shift between both legs if only one leg is lifted.
  • Do the seated bounce for up to a minute and rest for 15 seconds before starting again.

Benefits of seated bounce

Beginners to aerobic exercises can enjoy doing the seated bounce. The exercise engages the entire body. Seated bounce can be used as a warm-up exercise before intensive workout.

How Many Calories Can You Burn With Rebound Exercise?

It is not easy to say that a particular exercise will help you burn an exact number of calories. Much depends on the intensity of your workout and your weight.

So if you rebound for 10 minutes at a moderate fitness level, you will burn fewer calories than someone rebounding at a more intense level at the same time.

Nevertheless, an online calculator shows that an average person burns between 250 to 350 calories an hour when using a trampoline for recreation.

The fact is that for rebound exercise to be effective, you need to workout until your heart rate picks up and you start to sweat. This will enable you to burn more calories and build your muscles better.

Safety Tips

Using a trampoline for exercise carries some risk of injuries, but these tips will help you enjoy your workouts safely.

  • The trampoline should be covered with 10ft trampoline pads. Place safety mats on the floor encircling the trampoline .
  • Ensure your equipment is not damaged before using for exercise.
  • Do not permit more than one person to jump on the mini trampoline or rebounder at a time.
  • Kids should always be supervised by an adult when they jump on the trampoline.
  • Do not allow children to perform possibly dangerous Children should not be allowed to perform potentially harmful stunts like flips on the mini-trampoline
  • Seek medical advice before engaging in high intensity workouts like rebounding
  • You need to let your body adapt to bouncing. If you begin to feel light-headed, take a break and continue your workout later.
  • If you feel dizzy each time you exercise, consult your doctor


Rebound exercises can help you keep fit, lose weight, boost your immune system and strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system. Virtually everyone can participate in this kind of physical activity.

There are more rebound exercises you can discover. Whether your reason for exercise is recreational or you have particular fitness goals, have fun as you work out on your mini trampoline regularly. Let your share in the fun by jumping on the trampoline for kids.