It is nice to have a trampoline around in times of fun. Both kids and adults often enjoy playing on it. However, a 14ft trampoline needs steady maintenance if it is to keep on serving its purpose. Sometimes, proper maintenance includes dismantling the trampoline, especially during winter. Fortunately, in simple steps, you can learn how to dismantle a trampoline. You can then pack and store the pieces for later use. Due to design, the steps are quite different when you want to learn how to dismantle a springfree trampoline. But both types are straightforward and easy. This article takes you through the steps involved in this task.

What do you need to dismantle a trampoline?

Before you learn how to dismantle a trampoline, you need to have some basic tools. These tools are the same ones you used in building the trampoline. So, you should have them in your trampoline package box or your toolbox. They include

  • A Phillips head screwdriver or a power drill
  • A spring puller
  • Safety gloves

It is essential to have these tools. Dismantling a trampoline would be next to impossible if the tools are missing. You should buy or get any of the missing tools before you continue.

It is also essential to do the dismantling with another adult. The process is safer and easier when handled by two persons. However, you should not invite a child to these steps.

How to Dismantle a Trampoline

Now that we have the tool and a fellow adult nearby. Let’s get into the process involved. Basically, the steps on how to dismantle a Jumpking trampoline are the reverse of steps involved in building one. So, if you were part of the people that set up the trampoline, you are more familiar with the steps we are about to list out.

Start with the enclosure net

If your trampoline model has an enclosure net, then it is a nice place to start. Removing the enclosure net is essentially based on the model and method of fastening. 

Start by removing the enclosure rod from the trampoline frame. Once you remove all the rods, place them on the trampoline mat, this will bring down the top of the rod. You can easily remove the net from the rod in this position.

Next, remove the lower end of the net from the mat. You might need to unthread the net. 

After removal, pack the rod together. If each long rod combines smaller rods, unscrew the smaller rods and keep them all together. Pack the net neatly and keep it in a net bag.  

Remove the safety padding

The safety padding is the next part of the trampoline that is removed. This is very easy; all you need to do is untie the padding from the trampoline frame. After that, remove the padding from the mat, and fold it neatly.

Remove the springs

This is where most attention is needed on your part. Removing the trampoline springs is the most tasking part of the dismantling process. If you want to learn how to dismantle a trampoline properly, then you should learn how to remove the springs the right way.

The spring puller comes in handy at this stage. Use it to pull the spring at the 14ft trampoline mat side, this is the side that is connected to the V hook attached to the mat. With enough force, pull the spring towards the middle of the mat. When the spring is stretched enough, you can remove the mat hook from the spring. 

The next step is to remove the spring from the frame. Repeat this process for all the springs and collect them all in one place. 

Alternatively, you can pull the spring at the frame side. This is the opposite of the above step. The spring is removed from the trampoline frame, then from the hook on the mat. 

Fold the free mat

After removing all the springs from the mat, the mat is now free and flat on the floor. Fold the mat neatly and store it away in the bag. One simple method is to fold the mat in half, then the half is folded into another half. The process is repeated till you have the mat in a size fit for the bag.

How to dismantle a trampoline frame

After removing the mat, you should be left with the trampoline frame. Your work is almost done now. The following steps will take you through learning how to dismantle a trampoline frame. 

Remove the leg

Do you have your Phillips head screwdriver in place? Nice, we need it now. Unscrew the legs of the frame and keep them in one place. You can flip the frame to make it easier. You can also use a 10mm spanner or an electric drill for this process.

Remove the frame pieces

After removing the legs, remove the frame pieces from either side of the T-section joints. There you have it! You have successfully removed the parts.

Arrange the parts

It is best to arrange the parts by placing similar parts together. This will make it easier for you to set up when needed. 

How to dismantle a springfree trampoline

A springfree trampoline is a different model. This means that the steps on how to dismantle a springfree trampoline are different. Fortunately, it is straightforward. Note that you need two persons for this removal.

Removing the rod

The rod is the major part holding the mat to the frame. One person goes under the mat and into the frame to hold the rod firmly.

The next person stands outside the frame and holds the rod at the point of attachment to the mat. 

The person outside the frame pulls up the rod while holding the inside of the mat. The rod is lifted and pulled towards the side of the lower end of the rod. The rod is removed one by one till the mat is free. Then you can easily dismantle the trampoline frame. 


Dismantling a trampoline can be easy with the right guidance and tools. It is important to clean the trampoline before dismantling. Also, store the parts in a dry environment, especially the net to avoid lichen and the springs to avoid rust. You can easily assemble or set up the trampoline when the time comes. Learn how to set up a trampoline in our other post.